Car Photography.

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There really is a bit of a science to taking pictures of automobiles. It is a niche all it’s own, and it is a great idea to learn a few helpful guidelines that can assist you in getting started with what i believe i one of the most interesting type of photography out there. So, for example,when doing a photo shoot of a car, it really is best to aim for just before the sun rises, or just after the sun sets. These are the times of day that offer soft natural light that will permit you to properly capture the colors of the car, as well as the gloss of the paint job. It is so very important to care about reflections. Examine what is and what is not reflecting off the car.

Do what it takes to accomplish the shoot without any trees or tall structures near the car. Reflections and light obstructions can destroy what chance you had to display the car’s inherent shape. Always make sure your own reflection is not showing up in the pictures, and use a tripod if needed to aid you in this regard. A fun technique for getting great shots of a car, is to do the shooting out the passenger side of a moving vehicle. You must exercise common sense and extreme caution while doing this, but you can accomplish some amazing photography there if done correctly. Keep in mind that paint types determines the rection of the colors when in the light. The majority of car colors do not enjoy direct sun light, but some of them do, and experimentation is required.

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Another guideline is regarding background. It’s important to make an effort to choose a background that demonstrates the personality of the car. Capture a theme that is relevant to the type of car, make and model, and what type of driving the car is mostly used for. Stay away from distracting objects or structures in the background that might take the focus off of the car. Telephone towers, electrical poles and lines, parking lots, and so on are terrible choices of objects to have in the background.

If auto photography interests you, buy a book on the subject, also buy a book of car photos. Great ideas for backgrounds, camera angles, you name it, can be found by checking out the work of people that all already making money in the niche. The library is always there, and the book stores as well. I do not suggest ebooks for this niche because print will offer you a much more realistic look at final results than a tablet could offer you. If you prefer ebooks, that’s fine, but consider good old fashioned printed books for this art.

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