Capsiplex Plus - The Answer To The Growing Obesity Crisis?

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With the growing crisis of obesity around the world continuing to rise and showing no signs of stopping, it is no wonder that countless people are becoming more and more interested in ways that they can lose weight--but sometimes, diet and exercise just aren't enough. Many people find that traditional diet and exercise just aren’t enough—so they turn to products to help them lose weight.

One of the most popular of these products is called Capsiplex, or Capsiplex Plus. Capsiplex or Capsiplex Plus a food supplement designed to raise your metabolism and help you burn more calories than you would without taking this supplement. Essentially, Capsiplex is a metabolic stimulant that increases the metabolism and therefore increases weight loss by causing more calories to be burned in a day.

What ingredients are used in Capsiplex?

The most important of Capsiplex ingredients is called Capsicum, which is the Latin name for Cayenne or red chili peppers. Red chili peppers have long been used in medicinal purposes, and their ability to raise the metabolism has been known for years as well—but is only in recent years that a pill which contains concentrated Cayenne peppers--yes, this is referring to Capsiplex ingredients--has been developed. Unlike regular forms of concentrated peppers, Capsiplex does not cause irritation. Capsiplex is delivered in a special beadlet designs which ensures that the throat and lining of the throat, intestines and stomach is not irritated by the capsicum extract.

Does it work?

Yes. A clinical study on the effectiveness of Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus showed that, on average, people who consumed Capsiplex daily on a regular basis had an increased metabolism which, given the right conditions, would result in increased weight loss. However, the effectiveness of Capsiplex may be dependent on two factors which are also important to weight loss in general: diet and exercise.

Those who participated in the clinical study and engaged in daily or at least consistent exercise found that Capsiplex caused an increase in around 278 calories burned during each exercise session. While this may not seem like an excessive amount of calories at first glance, it’s important to note that 278 calories adds up over time--An additional 278 calories burned is equal to 80 minutes of walking at 2 miles per hour, 25 minutes of jogging at 6 miles per hour and adds up to about 25 lbs. of additional weight loss each year… assuming, of course, that a healthy diet and exercise plan is continued.

Those who did not exercise daily or did not consume a healthy diet did not see as many results as those who did stick to a healthy diet and engaged in regular active behaviors, such as exercise and general physical activity.
Capsiplex side effects can include a jittery feeling, anxiety, and in people who are sensitive to cayenne pepper, occasionally irritation or over-stimulation can occur. Over-stimulation generally manifests itself in a feeling of “too much” energy, listlessness, and the inability to fully concentrate or focus on tasks.

There have been some celebrities using the product too, most notably Nicola McLean who is a glamour model in the united kingdom. She managed to lose approximately four stone in weight following her pregnancy thanks to Capsiplex. It was also heavily featued in the media, news, and papers which caused 50,000 units to sell out in just three days.

Following this the manufacturer added 5-HTP tablets which release endorfins into your body. These help make you feel happier and more upbeat about your weight loss. Althoiugh they are optional, so you can get the diet pills on their own if you want to.
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Capsiplex can be an exciting way to help you lose weight, but only if you are realistic and don't expect to lose huge amounts of weight overnight. These Capsiplex reviews may help you decide if it's a product you want to try yourself.

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