Business Direction Events Ltd to Conduct ‘Business Direction: CYPRUS’ This November

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On Thursday 16th November Business Direction Events UK Ltd organise a full day business conference. The event is titled ‘Business Direction: Cyprus’ and its aim is to promote Cyprus as a centre for Financial & Legal Services and Property Investment.

This forum will be a gathering of experts across the UK, Cyprus and many other countries discussing the unique business and investment opportunities available. It will project Cyprus as an investment hub providing opportunities in various sectors such as banking, financial and legal services and property investment. Cyprus provides ideal opportunities for property investment both in the residential and commercial markets which will invariably present wider opportunities in related fields such as insurance, shipping, employment and much more through excellent array of professional services.

This Forum will provide the opportunity for distinguished professionals like solicitors, accountants, bankers, economists, as well as property developers and estate agents to present their services and projects. It will also be a unique business networking experience which will aim to attract large foreign financial capital for investment with beneficial returns and with the opportunities of creating profit.

Cyprus is no longer in financial crisis and both the development of big property projects, the rising numbers of tourists every year and the excellent professional services provided do invariably benefit any business or property investment.

The top reasons to invest in Cyprus:
• Strategic Location
• Tax System
• EU & Eurozone Member State
• Legal and Regulatory Framework
• Human Talent & Quality of Professional Services
• Advanced Infrastructure
• High Quality of Life
• Economic Prospects & Opportunities

• Welcome speech from His Excellency, the High Commissioner (in the UK) for the Republic of Cyprus
• Speech from the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Cyprus
• Presentation: ’Investing in Cyprus’
Speech by a board member of Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA)
• Panel 1 Banking and Financial Services
• Panel 2 Asset & Fund Management
• Panel 3 Shipping
• Panel 4 Tax and Legal Services
• Panel 5 Property Investment – Large Scale Real Estate Projects
• Networking opportunities and b2b meetings

For more information and registration visit

Media Contact:
Business Direction Events UK Ltd
268 Willow Rd, Enfield EN1 3AR
Telephone: 020 8367 5005
Mobile: 07548845578

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