Brian Haggerty the Public Speaking Coach New Jersey Has the Expertise in Mentoring

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(October 12, 2017) – Considering the life of successful people, they will have mentors. In fact, mentors come from all backgrounds and areas of expertise. For those looking for a private coach and a mentor, they can get the best help from Brian Haggerty.

He has served as a mentor for many professionals, politicians and business executives. Apart from his expertise in soft and communication skills, he also serves as a mentor for businesses to help them with brand development, marketing, and business growth.

This Public Speaking Coach New Jersey also offers to coach not just to individuals, but also for small groups. So, small groups planning to mentor their employees can choose this Public Speaking Coach New York.

Brian is also a Keynote speaker New Jersey. In fact, he is sought after for his keynotes and for his inspiring talks. Many companies looking for Keynote Speaker New York get his help to bring out the best from their employees.

Further, Brian is also an Image coach with several years of experience and expertise as a keynote speaker. Companies looking for executive coach New York and also those looking for an executive coach New Jersey can get the best help from Brian.

About Brian Haggerty:
The main focus of Brian Haggerty is to help people become confident and charismatic leaders. He will help them develop masterful communication and people skills.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Brian Haggerty
Phone no: (800) 732-6440

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When we take the lives of successful people, they will have a mentor. For those looking for a good mentor, they can get the best mentoring from Brian Haggerty. click the link for more info Keynote speaker


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