Brass Engine Games Announces Thiefs Hoard Card Game On Kickstarter

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Columbia MO, (May 29, 2018) - On May 14, Brass Engine Games announced Thief's Hoard, a new card game of thieving and backstabbing on Kickstarter. Thief's Hoard is one part party game and one part strategy, utilizing card drafting, bidding, and quick reflexes to create a fun and chaotic thieving experience. In order to attain victory, a thief must amass $10,000 worth of artifacts and keep them until the end of a round. Artifacts can be easy to steal, but much harder to keep.

Thieves will also have to keep the local Law, the Pinkertons, off their back or suffer setbacks. Watkins developed Thief's Hoard over 5 years of play-testing and refining. It was demonstrated and play-tested at various gaming conventions in the Midwest over the last three years. It has been played hundreds of times, by gaming groups of various play styles and strategies. Thief's Hoard gained an audience at Midwestern conventions, with players returning year after year to play one of their favorite games.

Thief's Hoard can be learned in as little as 5 minutes. The rules are simple and straightforward, allowing players of any skill level begin a game of Thief's Hoard with confidence. Playing the game has more depth than just the rules. Card combinations, played at the right time, can put a player ahead or other players behind. In addition, dirty tactics are not foreign to a game of stealing like Thief's Hoard. Players may try to distract opponents, sneakily obtaining victory before the other thieves realize what happened. Though simple in premise, Thief's Hoard can be played over and over again without feeling stale.

“After tinkering with mechanics and play style for a number of years, I finally found the perfect recipe to make Thief's Hoard exciting, engaging, and tons of fun,” says creator Ben Watkins. “Those that played Thief's Hoard have always walked away having had fun. For a game designer, there is nothing more satisfying than players enjoying your game.”

Thief's Hoard is for 2-8 players, ages 12 and older, and takes 15 minutes per player. It includes 72 Thief cards, 72 Prestige cards, 40 Museum cards, 8 Alias cards, 8 Heat cards, 8 Round Reminder Cards, 1 Lead Thief card, and a Rules sheet. Thief's Hoard is currently gathering pledges on Kickstarter, and expects to be available for online sale in September 2018 at an expected retail value of $25. For more information, you can visit the Thief's Hoard Kickstarter page at

About Brass Engine Games
Brass Engine Games is a small business in Columbia, Missouri, founded by Ben Watkins. Game design is one part of our company, and we have a lot of fun making games and sharing them with everyone. David Buxman is an assistant Art Director and co-designer on many of our games. Ben Watkins is the graphic designer and other half of the game design team, though we rely on our larger support group to playtest, give feedback, and be a part of the process. Though we would love to make games our full time job, we still maintain regular day jobs to pay the bills and support families.

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Second game from company introduces a “party game” with strategy and quick reactions from designer Ben Watkins. click the link for more info



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