Booze, Snooze and Light Your Fuse: Cruises for Young People

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If you think cruise getaways are for laidback retirees or unadventurous families, you may be surprised to know that isn’t the case. Over the decades, cruises have been transformed enormously – ships now cater to millennials who love to explore unique destinations.

With a fusion of contemporary entertainment on-board, a selection of different cuisines and an itinerary full of hidden gems, you’ll find that a cruise holiday with your friends could be the memorable getaway you’ve been waiting for.

Explore Iconic Cities along Their Rivers

If kayaking, mixology classes and wine tours are on your bucket list, you may have found the best way to experience them all in one vacation. Organised by the millennial-oriented brand U by Uniworld, the funkily named ships, The A and The B, sail along the Rhine, Seine and Danube, stopping off in a number of famous cities. During the holiday you’ll be able to try your hand at creating signature cocktails and taste some delectable wines.

A South American Adventure

Ever wanted to visit the exotic land of South America but couldn’t figure out how to plan the trip? This cruise is the perfect solution. G holidays allow guests to combine a Peru tour (complete with a discovery of the Inca Trail), with a Galapagos cruise. If you and your mates are looking for a culture-fuelled adventure, this is it.

This is a great opportunity for young people looking to get the most out of the South American experience – a flight between Quito (Ecuador) and Lima (Peru) is covered in the package, so it’s also really good value.

An Eco-Friendly Experience

This is an excellent way for environmentally conscious travellers to have a guilt-free holiday. Peregrine Adventures offer a selection of low-impact Adventure Cruising departures which support renewable energy projects. If you’re keen to travel clean, you’ll love this eco-friendly getaway.

Sailing along Senegal to The Gambia, the use of single-use plastics such as cups, straws and water bottles are not allowed on-board, adding to the eco-friendly aspect. It’s a wonderful example for responsible adventure companies to follow.

Before You Go

Before you head off on your adventure, it’s advised that you invest in comprehensive cruise travel insurance to cover you in case of any eventuality. This will ensure that you have complete peace of mind while on holiday since you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Cruising is the perfect way to hop from one destination to the next without the hassle of making individual accommodation and sightseeing reservations, so what are you waiting for? Simply book your tickets on-board a spectacular ship, buy reliable and comprehensive cruise travel insurance, pack your favourite novel and set off on the journey of a lifetime!
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