Bonkers for Brunch: Best Cafés in Tenerife

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The Canary Islands have been a favourite destination for holidaymakers for decades, and as the largest of the bunch, Tenerife certainly has plenty to offer. There’s natural beauty from rocky outcrops to beautiful sandy beaches, and resorts offering everything from golf courses to water parks. Plus, there are a number of cheap flights into Tenerife airport, bus and taxi transfers are readily available and plenty of attractions are within walking distance of the island’s tourist accommodation. What’s not to love?

As well as all this, the island has a flourishing café scene, ideal for those looking for brunch, lunch or a quick bite to eat. Read on for our guide to some of the best places for a café stop in Tenerife.

Deli on the Hill

Aptly named, this charming deli is situated on a hill high enough to provide charming ocean views. Make sure to try the seasonal dishes – the commitment to local produce is so serious that there’s actually no fixed menu!

Top Tip: Explore the range of delicious brunch options and order a personalised cake for dessert to really treat yourself.

Cozy Café

Perfect to visit with family or friends, this popular venue aims to imitate the quaint, homely vibe of English afternoon tea setup. The friendly, attentive staff help make your experience feel all the more special.

Top Tip: Check out this joint on a Wednesday evening for their weekly barbecue night and have your choice of meat cooked to perfection right in front of you.

Halfway Café

Another English-inspired eatery, this place offers traditional sweet treats including lemon drizzle cake and Victoria sponge, alongside classic sandwiches and a full English breakfast option. Talk about a taste of home!

It’s well priced and well located – though we’re not exactly sure what it claims to be ‘halfway’ between. Perhaps one to ask your Tenerife airport bus driver on your journey into town…

Eclectic Café

Unlike many others, this venue branches out beyond Europe with its East Asian-inspired dishes and hot drinks. Japanese and Indian flavours jostle for space with more traditional options in this unusual cultural hub. What’s more – it has a free book exchange! You won’t find anywhere quite like this on Tenerife.

How to Get There

Since it’s such a popular tourist destination, many UK airlines offer affordable flights from London airports to the island, with prices especially affordable outside the peak seasons. Once you’ve landed, the best way to get to your accommodation (or a café in town) is via a pre-booked Tenerife airport bus transfer.

We hope this list has inspired you to explore this overlooked aspect of island life on your next visit. Pick your favourites, book your Tenerife airport bus and get exploring as soon as possible!
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