Bebe Latte & Kiddo Latte Offers a Dairy Free Natural Milk for Babies and Kids

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Montreal, Canada (October 06, 2017) – Bebe Latte & Kiddo Latte offers the most nutritious and delicious plant-based milk for babies and also for kids. The milk for babies is called as Bebe Latte and for kiddies it is called as Kiddo Latte. All ingredients in these two variants are the same. But, the kids’ variant contains fermented rice protein and sprouted quinoa, which is not present in the milk for babies.

This is organic milk, sugar-free and it is non-GMO and vegan as well. Further, the milk does not contain any dairy products, soy, nut, gluten, and it is casher-free. The excellent thing about this milk is that it is the only plant-based milk that meets the nutritional needs of babies. It is designed to be as close as possible to breast milk.

It is perfectly balanced with minerals and vitamins and it is made out of premium quality organic ingredients. This milk is mainly made out of coconuts that are rich in healthy fats and iron that kids and babies need. This milk does not contain any isolated substance or chemically transformed ingredient and so it is 100% whole food. Bebelatte will help with improving the immune system health in babies.

About Babe Latte & Kiddo Latte:
The founders of this product are Delphine and Christian Marinaro, who are parents are of two girls themselves. So, they very well know the importance of nutrition for kids.

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About author: Sumanta Dutta

Nowadays, parents look for the best alternative for cow’s milk. To help parents get the best GMO-free milk, Bebe Latte & Kiddo Latte offers dairy-free natural milk. click the link for more info bebelatte


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