Beauty Youtuber, Lancengi, had a product showdown and the winner was shocking

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Siesta Key FL, (October 31, 2018) - Beauty blogger, Gianna R. Kramer is topping the charts with her highly talked about beauty, and fitness videos on YouTube. She has recently posted the showdown between Fekkai Color Care vs Totalee Hair and the winner was a shock for her subscribers. This video is one of her most trending videos to date and has been helping people choose the best shampoo for their hair.

Lancengi, is a popular youtube channel known for simple makeup tutorials, fitness videos, nail art tutorials and much more. The goal of her channel is to help beginners have the confience to create the look, or life they want through a supportive communtiy. Gianna, recently came up with a faceoff between two recognized products, Fekkai Color Care and Totalee Hair, to see and show which products is the BEST based on smell, texture, and frizz.

In the video, she has used: Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner, Totalee wash shampoo and rins conditioner. She parts her hair into two sections. She uses both the products, one on each side and then begins her showdown based on her own experience.

The rounds are judged on the basis of smell, feel/smooth factor, and frizz proof. One the smell round both brands smell nice but, Totalee hair emerges as the winner. For the second round when it comes to feel/smoothness, again Totalee beats Fekkai Color Care. In the FINAL round Gianna goes outside in the Florida humindity you can see the frizz on the right side of her head, making Totalee win again. Thus, ultimately, she shows the subscribers how Totalee is a better shampoo, and definitely her preferred one.

Gianna, posts a new video every Monday on various topics, she has garnered a lot of attention and also has been increasing her fans and followers in huge numbers. Since the day of her joining, Mar 16, 2010, she has attained a lot of acknowledgement in the press, and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you would like to see more showdowns make sure you follow Gianna at her handle @Lancengi.

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A renowned beauty blogger, Gianna, recently had a product showdown on her YouTube channel, Lancengi on Fekkai Color Care vs Totalee Hair, and the winner was a surpise to everyone.  


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