Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat is offering wide array of new Osmosis products, apart from spa treatments

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Alberta, (October 30, 2018) - With aim of offering clients with the most relaxing experience, the leading online company, Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat offers an array of amazing spa treatments, and also carries beauty and wellness products of the leading brand, Osmosis. This platform operates online and makes sure to pamper the customers and clients with holistic-medical skin and wellness solutions. They can book the team for spa and massage services and also order the Osmosis products online for easy delivery to doorsteps.

The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat is glad to offer massage therapy treatments performed by registered massage therapists. These spa and massage treatments promise to satiate the clients with utmost relaxation and also help them get rid of stiffness, involving muscle manipulation and deep tissue work. The expert team also assists the customers with professional consultation, to assess their specific needs in details, and a receipt can also be issued for medical coverage.

Apart from the usual massages, this online venture also renders the clients high end body contouring treatments with Osmosis Sculpt, which is a highly advanced and effective holistic fat loss device. This works with patented nano-current constant waveform technology and decreases the size of fat cells by releasing toxins while strengthening and engaging the muscle.

Apart from shrinking body fat, and relaxing the muscles, The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat is one of the best local spas that carry the widest inventory of spa products, to treat skin conditions at their source, restoring beauty and wellness. The Osmosis products that this venture carries internal wellness supplements, makeup items, skincare products and much more, and these products are clinically tested and safe on all skin types. The services and products of this spa company can be bought or gifted to others through the gift cards, that too at affordable packages.

About Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat:
The Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat is a leading and highly reliable online spa and wellness store that offers beauty and skin products from the leading brand, Osmosis and also provides the highly relaxing spa treatments through acclaimed experts.

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Phone: (403) 556-2522

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For the people who love spa products and massages, the online venture Bearberry Day Spa and Retreat offers the most wonderful spa treatments, and also carries a line of Osmosis wellness and beauty products.


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