Be a ProVision Go Pro: What You Need to Know About the App

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The new ProVision Go App aims to simplify life for haulage companies by combining on one platform many risk management, compliance and safety needs.

This app offers a lot to haulage companies, but in this article we’ll focus on the features and benefits it offers to fleet managers specifically.

Fleet Manager Mode

The program has two operational modes: Driver Mode and Fleet Manager Mode. In the latter, the user can access driver and vehicle compliance data, vehicle tracking, telematics data and accident reports. As all this is accessible from a smartphone, the facts and figures are available from outside the office, allowing haulage companies a much more flexible way of tracking the information. The app has been tested by organisations of all different sizes and the company is confident it suits the needs of operators of any size.

Checklist Manager

There are several features that will work well for fleet managers, including the Checklist Manager. These checklists are tailored to your specific needs, as managers can create their own checklists for various compliance checks, such as CLOCS, FORS etc. ProVision identified a need amongst haulage companies for a digital method of carrying out checks, as many do not carry out walkaround checks or rely too heavily on inefficient paper methods.

The Checklist Manager is just one example of the digitalisation of a key task. Drivers and other staff can complete the checks on their phones and fleet managers can sign off, review or action repairs on the go.

Mervyn O’Callaghan, the Managing Director at ProVision CameraMatics noted that all vehicle operators are shown driving alerts when they start a safety check. He said, “This adds an extra level of reassurance and compliance for operators, knowing that drivers are made aware of potentially hazardous driving behaviour.”

First Notification of Loss

Another important digitalised process is the way the app enables onboard footage and vehicle data to be linked with compliance data. This means users can put together a full information package for First Notification of Loss.

Accident Reporting

Getting accident reporting right is a key concern for many haulage companies. ProVision Go provides a step-by-step process for users to complete immediately following an accident. As the service is accessible via mobile, drivers can complete the report when the event is still fresh in their minds - meaning important details are not lost. The process allows those involved in an incident to record all key information, including photos, videos, police reports, insurance details, number plates etc.

This report can be accessed by users from the Command Centre and can also be sent on to insurance carriers or the authorities if necessary. Each report is time and date stamped. These various features help to increase the efficiency of managing a claim and thus may save you time and money.

Will your organisation be investing in the new ProVision Go platform? What features appeal to you and how do you think this innovative and powerful platform would help your business thrive?
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