Balearic Moments Calls for the Amazing Two Islands Mallorca Experience

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(April 19, 2019) – To witness the fascinating charm of the popular Mallorca and Menorca Islands, Balearic Moments invites people from all over the world for a luxury two-Island experience. Talking about the Mallorca Experience, the highly professional and experienced team of Balearic Moments says that the guests can explore the popular European Islands accompanied by professional guides and they can chance on some awesome views of the wonderful coastline and clear water beaches along with the hidden treasures lying there. The company says during the daytime, the guests can bask in personalized flights, cruising, drives and exploring awe-inspiring sights of the Island. To raise the fun and energy quotient, the team will arrange an amazing experience with lots of high-energy music player by local DJ on the beach, dancing and indulging in fun activities and relishing the explosive nightlife of the area to the fullest. Talking about the experience of exploring the Mediterranean sea, Balearic Moments team says that it’s a completely tranquilizing experience that acts as an escape from the world’s velocity that disturbs the inner equilibrium. A myriad of people visit the European Islands every year; especially during the summers and there are chances of establishing great camaraderie for life.

Providing more detail about the two-Island tour, Balearic Moments say that it will be a 7 days experience of the two popular Islands – Mallorca and Menorca. There are plenty of breathtaking sights and awe-inspiring treasures to explore during the 7 days journey. Some local professional guides will be available throughout the journey to make it a walkover. The company says that the tour package will include exclusive hosting where guests can expect all the minor and major needs to get catered. Luxury villas will be provided for accommodation and a range of amazing delicacies will be available by the 5-star chefs. Sharing more details regarding the dedicated services during the stay, the company says that guests will be served and provided assistance 24x7 and there will be ultra-modern amenities to cater to all the small and big needs throughout the day. During the complete Mallorca Experience, there will be private drivers, professional guides, cruises and chartered plane will be available to make the journey awesome. Referring to the itinerary, Balearic Moments team brings the schedule into attention that includes arrival and welcome on the first day, a tour to Mallorca on the second day, Mallorca Island sightseeing on the third day, yacht experience on the fourth day, exploring Menorca Island on the fifth day, a Gala Dinner post Menorca sightseeing on the sixth day and the last day of the experience will include departure with so many precious memories from Menorca.

About Balearic Moments
Balearic Moments offers luxury and dedicated services for great vacation experiences in Balearic Island. The company was founded by Thomas Gosewinkel& Tyler Gill and it got an exceptional support from the current head chef of the venture, ConorMcGoldrick. Balearic Moments offers attractive one day and 7-days experience packages for the beautiful European Islands.

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Balearic Moments offers luxury and dedicated services for great vacation experiences in Balearic Island and it is offering amazing Mallorca Experience with amazing vacation package. 


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