Baby Photoshoots.

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Snapping quality photos of a baby, probably sounds like easy work. What could be hard about it? Just a baby right? Well the deal is that when a baby is first delivered, pictures of the little one always seem to look like a pictorial documentary, instead of the art that new parents are hoping for. Babies cannot strike a pose, have yet to learn how to smile, are born knowing no limits to crying, and can fall asleep within the same nano second that they were just awake. It is so very difficult ti accomplish a good angle to photograph babies from because they cannot stand. sit up straight, and cannot understand the words, don’t move please. If you give it some thought, baby photographing is a challenge for sure, but it must be done, and 30 years later, you will be so happy you did it.


Directly after a baby is born, they are wrapped up like precious cargo. Especially if it’s a cooler or cold season of the year. That means most of the time the baby basically only has his or her tiny head exposed outside of clothing. Often times the cute little head is still not quite pleasing formed. The stress of birth may still appear on the baby’s face and head, and all of these thing pose challenges when trying to take the most pleasing of newborn baby pictures. Photos that actually flatter a baby at newborn status are the most difficult to shoot, however in the next paragraph i will share a few ideas to help you figure out a way to get the most lasting pictures of a baby of newborn status.

Use a low vantage point. Getting yourself down low will help when attempting to take the most natural of photo shoots for a baby. When i say low, maybe i am saying lie down on a floor if such is comfortable for you. Massage the focal length of your camera. Being at floor level, but far enough away from form whare the baby is, would real;ly help you to enter the babies tiny world with your lens, and get a great natural shot that way. Much better than trying to get a shot from above where the baby has no hope of ever being as high up as the photographer unless having another human in the picture at all times. Remember we want baby pictures, nit just baby plus an adult picture.


Once you have exploited the far away scenario, go for the close up and try to get a more intimate portrait of the baby by either lessening the distance away from the baby or by taking full advantage of zoom features available on the camera. Do not forget, getting too close to the baby, might just upset the little one, resulting in blown shots and a loss of time while the baby finds a way to calm down.

My last idea for now is, consider taking feeding pictures of the baby, if the baby is nursing from the bottle. This is a great way to calm a baby down, and to have various adults be part of the baby’s pictorial debut into the world. Whatever techniques you choose, do not give up on the quest. Baby pics will give you or your customers wonderful memories going forward. So just do it.

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