ArKay Beverages Ltd sues The Huffington Post Inc , and Inc for deceptive advertising and unfair competition

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The Huffington Post and mislead consumers about posting fake customer reviews on their web site(s) , and in order to destroy the reputation of Arkay Beverages.

Arkay Beverages is accusing The Huffington Post , and of deceiving consumers about posting bad consumer reviews on their sites since respectively 2012 and 2104 for products that Arkay does not manufacture nor sell anymore. ,, and

The Huffington Post , and by posting wrongfully reviews about Arkay Alcohol Free Whisky is infringing the Arkay trademark and using Arkay reputation and image in order to attract visitors to their site offering them beverages brands produced by Arkay competitors. This is a clear case of unfair competition.

This Huffington Post , and deceptive advertising is also in violation with the Lanham Act which refrain companies to use a competitor’s trademark to mislead the consumers.

ArKay Beverages Ltd Grand Caymans Cayman Islands is filing a law suit against Huffington Post, and and is seeking hundred on millions of dollars in damages.

About “The Alcohol Free Liquor Store” ™ concept
The Alcohol free Liquor store offers a collection of more than 100 alcohol free liquors, N/A cocktails and N/A beers that feel and taste exactly like liquor with zero calories, zero carbs, and zero percent alcohol, ArKay ® makes a delicious, figure-friendly drink on its own, or when mixed with other low-cal, no-cal beverages! ArKay offers the only alcohol free liquors collection in the world. Our product line includes: Alcohol Free Liquors, Alcohol Free Cocktails, Alcohol Free Beers, and Alcohol Free Extracts for ice creams and cooking. By operating an Alcohol Free Liquor Store you will be able to retail Arkay drinks to walk in customers, and to wholesale ArKay Drinks to bars, restaurants, hotels, food and convenience stores in your area.

ArKay® is the creator of the world’s first alcohol free liquor collection featured at “The Alcohol Free Liquor Store “, this new concept allows you to do good to others by helping people to get away from liquors.
Your success is our number one priority with many years of product innovation, our reputation in the industry is unparalleled. When you join our network you become part of a community of passionate entrepreneurs who are excited to help others to get away from liquors.

We offer our affiliates/franchisees:
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* Ongoing financial, marketing and sales support
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* Unique concept and we invite you to be the first one to open an alcohol free liquor store in your city.
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