Are your locks beyond help?

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Are your locks beyond help? Are they stiff, broken, loose or jamming? You will probably need to have a new lock installed as part of your home security. You don't want to try and enter your property one day to find that it is not possible to use the lock.

Can I get my lock repaired?

It isn’t always possible to remove a single part and replace it when it comes to locks. If you’ve had a locksmith tell you that they can’t do anything with your locks it could be because of an issue like this. Sometimes it is possible to repair but most of the time you are as well investing in an upgraded lock which are designed to be secure and will deter burglars.

Why can't you just do a like for like replacement?

Sometimes it is possible with a standard lock like Yale but if your lock is old it may be obsolete and you will need to invest in a new lock entirely. It can be harder to replace locks in modern double glazed doors. The locks are often embedded into the structure of the door as part of the manufacturing process. It’s still possible to replace them, it just takes a bit more work.
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