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Every woman must take advantage of their smartphone by downloading diverse applications on the mobile app market. There are overwhelming numbers of applications, especially dedicated to women. This article will give you must have applications for girls using Android phones.

1. Circle of 6

This is a free application that you can download anytime in the mobile app market. This is specifically designed for college students, but it is also useful for high school students or any female regardless of the age. This is an application that can alert your friends if you are in a threatening situation. The app is very easy to use. With just two taps, it can send messages to your friends. The message includes your location, address and map where they can locate you. Another thing that you will like about this app is that it has pre-programmed hotlines or number that you can call in case of emergency like 911, police station or your campus security.

2. Hollaback

This is just one of those apps being offered for free apps market that can give you the power to get out of any kind of street harassment. Users can take and upload photo of their attacker or harasser. It can catch them in the act, and you can send it through This will only signal the harasser that his photos will be taken and automatically uploaded on a website about street harassment prevention. This will not only save ladies from street harassment, but it can also provide information to all women about places where street harassment usually happens.

3. BSafe

This is available for free or with a subscription version. It can offer a personal alarm that can send emergency message to the contacts of your choice using push single button. This app has a slogan saying “Never walk alone”. If you will opt for the free version, then you can create a safety net “guardians” that can quickly respond to your SOS message. There is one guardian that can receive a phone call from you. Both the paid and free versions can offer unlimited Guardians for you to send text messages. Your guardians will receive a text message from you together with a link to a map that can show your current location through GPS technology.

4. Cab4me

You can get this app for free or for a paid version. It will give you the opportunity to grab a taxi anytime and anywhere you are. The main idea of this mobile application is to provide accessibility for women to get a cab as fast as possible. You can choose your pickup location and you will be able to find the closest taxi stand with the help of this application. You can opt for call tab to acquire a list of reputable local taxi companies. This is very useful, especially if there is no cab company close to your current location.

5. The Pill

If you are having a hard time tracking when you need to take your birth control pill, then this is the app for you. This is one of the best applications for women’s health. It can remind you every day, so you can take your pill on time. The free apps market offers you apps like this that you can use for your everyday living.

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Every woman must take advantage of their smartphone by downloading diverse applications on the mobile app market . The free apps market offers you apps like this that you can use for your everyday living.


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