Animals You Might See While Skiing in the Rocky Mountains

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If you’re off on an adventurous skiing holiday in the Rocky Mountains, chances are you won’t be alone. No, we’re not talking about your fellow travellers… The Rocky Mountains are abundant with wildlife, just waiting to be discovered!

Although you may prefer to focus on your winter sports rather than animal spotting, there are some creatures you’re almost guaranteed to find on your holiday in the Rockies without even having to look. If you’re keen to get some fantastic photographs and see some indigenous wildlife, here are a few animals worth looking out for.

Mule Deer

You’re very likely to spot a mule deer or two grazing in the mountains. These beautiful creatures can be found pretty much anywhere around the Rockies, and are easily distinguishable from the white-tailed deer as they have black tails and slightly larger ears. The mule deer also lack the white spot that white-tailed deer have on their backs. If you happen to spot one, grab your camera before it speeds off into the wilderness!


As long as you’re not visiting the Rocky Mountains during their hibernation season, you’ll easily spot these quirky creatures scurrying in and out of holes in the snow-covered ground. Many people have even seen them from the ski lifts, as they tend to stand still on their hind legs as they eat. You may even be able to hear the animals communicate with one another as they are extremely vocal.


You would be extremely lucky to see a mountain lion, as they usually have nocturnal tendencies and prefer to stay out of sight. It is also rare to hear these animals, since they do not roar as other big cats do. The lions stalk around the Rockies searching for deer to hunt. They grow to a similar size to adult humans and have stunning light-brown coats. Keep your eyes peeled though – you might be one of the lucky ones.


If you’re high in the mountains you may have a good chance of catching sight of a raptor bird. These birds have immensely powerful wings and are able to manoeuvre themselves skilfully around the rocky landscape. Other bird sightings in the area may include Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks – so grab your binoculars and see what you can find on your ascent to the pistes.

Stay Safe with Ski Travel Insurance

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Whether you’ll be focussing on your ski skills or paying more attention to the diverse wildlife, the Rockies are the perfect place to enjoy a winter sports holiday with your friends or family.
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