Andarine (S4) - The Ultimate Guide

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Andarine (S4) is often a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) which has been abandoned through clinical trials. It was developed by the pharmaceutical company GTx, using the hopes it would be used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlarged prostate), without the need of the nasty sides of drugs like finasteride. Though not the strongest SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) on paper, it nevertheless has superior effects on strength, lean muscle, and preventing muscle wasting. As a result of this, weightlifters have discovered it the previous 5-10 years, and have began using it to assist them realize their fitness objectives.
How it functions

Andarine (S4) functions by binding to androgen receptors, selectively selecting muscle and bone, as opposed to attacking sex organs like anabolic steroids will. It alters gene expression, causing a increase in protein synthesis and anabolism inside the body. By all measured guestimates, Andarine (S4) has about 35% on the binding affinity of straight testosterone. In contrast to testosterone, it can not convert to dihydrotestosterone or estrogen. Not simply that, but it was developed since it worked at blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding for the prostate receptors. (more on this later)

Athletic uses and stacking with SARMs
Andarine (S4) may be used when bulking, cutting, strength recomposition, or simply for general wellness. In case you use it solo at 50mgs per day you will notice a modest increase within the fitness center in terms of strength, lean mass, and fat burning. Listed below are the best methods to use it for your ambitions:

Those who wish to bulk can stack 50mgs each day of Andarine (S4), with 10mgs a day of RAD140 (Testolone), combined with an elevated calorie diet program. A typical cycle could be 8-12 weeks.

You could push tougher in the health club with regards to strength by combining 50mgs per day of Andarine (S4) with 10mgs per day Ligandrol (LGD-4033). Users ordinarily report fantastic strength gains immediately after 2-3 weeks.

On paper, you might not assume Andarine (S4) could be fantastic for cutting. But surprisingly, it is very helpful especially when stacking 25mgs with 20mgs of Cardarine (GW501516). Customers report pretty excellent final results following 12 weeks on this stack.

Andarine (S4) is usually quite efficient through a recomposition, which indicates you may lose fat and achieve muscle in the identical time. Users will stack 50mgs of Andarine (S4), with 25mgs per day of Ostarine Ostabolic (MK2866) + 20mgs each day of Cardarine (GW501516). Combine these 3 compounds using a caloric deficit and watch the fat melt off with out losing muscle. Users will run this cycle for 8-12 weeks.

General wellness:
For those who merely want better mood and greater general well being, use 25mgs of Andarine (S4) by itself for 8-12 weeks.

Stacking with steroids
One in the most underrated and underappreciated factors that guys miss out on is using Andarine (S4) WITH their anabolic steroids and I'll explain why.

Earlier within the write-up, I pointed out how Andarine (S4) is definitely superior at blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding to prostate receptors. A sharp rise in this sex steroid will result in adverse side effects like enlarged prostate, improved opportunity of cancer, as well as the destruction of head hair follicles. Using Andarine (S4) with your steroids will assistance offset these unwanted side effects, plus it's going to only add all the benefits of fat loss, lean muscle gains, and strength gains. For this reason, any time you use any kind of testosterone-based steroid I highly advocate stacking in Andarine (S4)!

An instance of a stack would be 500mgs a week of Testosterone Cypionate + 25-50mgs each day of Andarine (S4).
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