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What is God?

Our concept of God defines our reality. And, as co-creators of the collective experience, our limited definitions of God are the primary source of conflict in the ego world. Expanding our perception of God allows us to experience life with greater joy, fulfillment and peace. This process is well begun by asking an age-old question:

God is a concept that people have been trying to define for ages. It is fascinating to hear what people think God is not. How can we even fathom anything not being of God? If God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, how can there be something other than God? Really think about this. God is EVERYTHING in differing degrees. God is Consciousness

Everything is energy. Therefore, God can be explained as energy itself. Everything is consciousness. Therefore, God can be described as consciousness. Many words can be used to describe the positive or constructive attributes of God, such as love, life, joy, intelligence and divinity. Some words describe God in balance; for example, nature, unity, oneness, wholeness, universal, and Soul. And, other words convey God’s negative or destructive attributes, such as death, decay, sloth and aging. It is more accurate to say that something is within the destructive cycle of God, rather than not of God.

“IT IS ALL GOD. “ “GOD IS ALL THAT IS.” “There is no spot where God is not.” These phrases convey God as all-inclusive. How can we separate anything out from this all-inclusive consciousness we call God? Would not the understanding of this idea change the way human beings operate in this world? How can it not? “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is a scripture that many religious people acknowledge as fulfilling the law, or their duty, towards God. How then, could someone who professes to love God deceive, take advantage of or kill his neighbor? God, Religion, Judgment and Discernment

It does not matter which religion one follows. All roads lead to the same place – God. There is nowhere else to go. This understanding will help to eliminate judgment. Many of the world’s spiritual teachers have taught, “Do not judge.” This is because there is nothing to judge. Instead, using discernment for one’s Self will allow a person to decide whether something is to their own personal liking or not, and whether it will be of useful service to their creations, without the mess of condemning or punishing another for their different choice. Can you see how this understanding would open up acceptance to the great variety that is found within the diversity of God? Religious wars would cease to exist.

Let us recall all that is good. Let us accept that which we mistakenly confuse as not of God. Let us wake ourselves from the slumber of our ego-minds that blindly follow ignorance, and expand our understanding of God by awakening our Soul to guide us to live our divinity in unity with all of life. This is our soul purpose, for which these ancient wisdom teachings have been preserved for generations. What Will You Choose?

Will you seek the guidance from within? Will you be among the courageous, spiritually conscious co-creators of life? Are you ready to actively participate in building a better, more consciously evolved future for humanity and our Earth? What will it take for you to commit to raising your awareness to the level of your Soul where everything is God? These ancient wisdom, Soul purpose teachings are designed to open your heart to the knowing of eternal bliss.

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