An Invaluable Resource: The FTA Guide to Road Transport Law

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It’s incredibly important to keep up with and understand the latest regulations and legislation in the haulage industry. But legal changes can be so frequent and precise that it’s hard to wrap your head around all of them. A lot of legislation is also quite complicated to read, with many obtuse or irrelevant passages.

Luckily, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) understands these concerns. The latest edition of its official guide, the Yearbook of Road Transport Law, is now available. Read on to find out why no logistics manager or business owner should be without this valuable and comprehensive resource.


Put simply, the FTA guide covers everything you need to know to stay within the law and flourish in industry. An essential reference guide, it’s packed with info on all areas of the business, from specialised and overseas operations to insurance and general health and safety.

FTA’s head of compliance information, Ian Gallagher, was clear about the transport sector problems the guide aims to solve. ‘In a fast-moving regulatory environment’, he said, ‘it is imperative that businesses stay abreast of legislative changes and ensure that their transport operation is as compliant as it can possibly be.’

Making Legal-Speak Digestible

Of course, all managers know that compliance is important. But it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what you actually need to do to comply with the law. On this, the FTA guide has you covered.

Tailored specifically to haulage industry requirements, the yearbook makes all its information easily understandable to logistics managers. FTA’s in-house team of experts has gone through policy, digesting all the legalese so those in the transport sector don’t have to.

Comprehensive Coverage

So, what does the guide cover? Experienced transport law specialists have worked on the text to ensure that all angles are covered properly, with special sections including:

• General operations
• Specialised operations
• Special vehicles
• Overseas operations
• Employment law

Whatever area of the haulage industry you work in, it’s likely the yearbook has you covered.

How to Get a Copy

If you’re a member of the FTA, you’re in for even more good news. Each member gets one copy of the guide for free, and additional free downloads. This is alongside other benefits of membership, such as regular news emails and the monthly Freight & Logistics magazine and website.

Additional hard copies are £47.25 for members and £80 for non-members. There’s no reason anyone in the haulage industry shouldn’t be a member of the FTA, but free access to this invaluable resource should be more than enough to sway any remaining holdouts.

So, don’t hesitate: get your hands on a copy of the yearbook today to make sure your firm stays on top of all the changes – now and in the future.
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