An Autumnal Delight: The Marron Glacé

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For a truly traditional sweet treat this autumn, look no further than the much-loved marron glacé. The crunchy chestnut centre surrounded by syrupy heaven is the perfect warming accompaniment to a brisk autumn day. Customers will flock to your doors at the slightest hint of a sweet chestnut.

It’s no secret that the marron glacé has satisfied many a sugary craving since its first creation. The introduction of sugar into Europe by the crusaders started a love affair with the saccharine that is still going strong. Just where the marron glacé originates from is harder to pin down.

A History of Sweetness

Both France and Italy claim the sugary delight for themselves, and you can see why!
Earliest records show the treat dating back to the fifteenth-century in both countries: Piedmont in Italy and the cities of Cuneo and Lyon in France. The marron glacé combines the warm earthiness of the sweet chestnut with the candied elegance of the sugar and is a staple in many desserts.

For a decidedly French twist, marron glacés in the Mont Blanc bring together finely chopped chestnuts and a tower of whipped cream for that added indulgence. Autumn winds will be firmly kept at bay with something so sweet. Chestnut is a key part of many desserts throughout Europe, which makes the marron glacé the perfect addition to many cakes and ice creams.

Making Dessert Even Better

Desserts featuring these delightful treats often rely on a puréed form of the delicacy. Known as crème de marrons, they bring a warm and earthy texture balanced by its sweetness to any dish it touches. Check out Venchi’s Marron Glacés Spread for the easiest way to add this traditional element to your dessert.

Arguably, the marron glacé is best enjoyed in its most simple and purest form. A treat this delightful doesn’t need all the trimmings and additions to wow customers, it does that all by itself with its flavour and quality. To appreciate the art form that is the sweet chestnut, we recommend the Stylish Marron Glacés Broken Pieces Cube. The small snack-size pieces are the perfect more-ish option for the customer with a sweet-tooth.

Traditional but Trendy

This well-loved and popular treat is unmistakeably traditional with an appeal to all. Its versatility in different dessert forms as well as its beautiful simplicity means there’s something for everyone to be drawn in by its warm autumnal feeling. This historical delight has been brought into the modern world by its gourmet sophistication, which means they’ll be in high demand this year.

For more information on the sweet chestnut, get in touch with our expert team of friendly advisors who will be able to advise you on the best ways to stock your shelves with these sugary indulgences.
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