AMO PETRIC launched edible level organic pet care cream in Denmark

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(February 22, 2019) - On February 14th, the company released its full range of organic products on Instagram and the whole series is claimed to be completely safe & healthy at an edible level. There are no additives in the raw materials and all ingredients are organic. Moreover, both human and puppies can enjoy safely.

These organic care products are equipped with cutting-edge technology by using small molecular oils. It also allows the care products to absorb faster and the using effects are more obvious.

Meanwhile, it adopted a paste-like texture during the development & design process. Compared to water & cream-like products and grease-like products, ours are more moisturizing with better insulation.

The product team pointed out that better isolation is the most important factor to consider when choosing a daily care product for pets. Because of the moist and bactericidal environment, it is very easy for them to infect chronic skin diseases. Thus, the well-insulated oil products are pretty suitable for avoiding the possible damage.

Founder Oswolr mentioned that in the current stage of pet care, chronic skin problems and its long-term recurrence is a thorny issue that troubles many pet owners. Fortunately, AMO PETRIC 's product team eventually found a superior formula through research & development. From clinical trials, it could improve the pets’ chronic skin problems significantly.

AMO PETRIC researchers hope that by creating better products, on one hand, the entire pet care industry can be influenced. On the other hand, the renewal and upgrading of the pet care product could be realized as well. Currently, there are many pet care products which might have low raw material budgets and are not as safe and healthy. We truly hope that from this set of researched products, more practitioners could be affected and motivated to upgrade their products and formulas, eventually make the products with safe raw materials.

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The Care Department of the new web celebrity brand, AMO PETRIC, celebrated its 1st anniversary in 2019.


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