All You Need to Know About the Upcoming FTA Logistics Awards

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The FTA Logistics Awards are set to return again this year, with this wonderful evening pencilled into the calendar for October 24th at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. This is an event run by the industry for the industry, and gives those in the industry the opportunity to spend time alongside their peers from haulage companies all over the UK.

This is the third annual celebration of the sector’s leading lights, with the ceremony and accompanying dinner a must for employees and management of haulage companies that want to reflect on and celebrate their achievements over the past year. With representation from air, sea, rail and road, and including manufacturers, operators, logistics and retail workers, everyone who is anyone will be attending.

What to Expect

This is more than just a celebratory dinner, however. There’ll be interesting speeches from leading names within the sector, as well as many wonderful opportunities to network with representatives of haulage companies from all over the UK.

Special guest host speaker, Irish comedian Ed Byrne, will also be providing the post-dinner entertainment, which will be followed by the awarding of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Awards

Accolades on the night will include everything from ‘Most Innovative Company’ to ‘Diversity Champion of the Year’. There are 58 nominees in the running to take home one of the prestigious awards, with this ceremony regarded as one of the biggest and most anticipated nights on the industry’s calendar.

The event this year is being sponsored by CEVA Logistics, FTA Recovery and Santander. The FTA’s Chief Executive has been quoted as saying that this is a night that celebrates those flying the flag for the UK, who continue to ensure that Britain’s trade is thriving both at home and abroad.

2019’s finalists have had the toughest task in the history of the awards to gain their place on the nomination list, with more entries this year than ever before. For those haulage companies who have made the final cut, even being nominated can be seen as a major accolade.

The Judging Process

The board of the FTA will be required go through all 58 entries across each of the sections to determine the winner in each CatID. The FTA’s Chief Executive anticipates it’s set to be an extremely difficult task, with judges tasked with finding those who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment, applied high-level knowledge and expertise, and a dogged determination to the UK’s domestic and international trade.

Managers and employees should not miss out on this year’s FTA Logistics Awards taking place at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on October 24th. This wonderful evening will be celebrating the best in the industry, and every one of the 58 nominees up for these prestigious accolades should be praised for their commitment to keeping the UK’s trade thriving both at home and across the world.
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