All In One Solar Street Lights Offered By VST Lighting Can Be Used For Various Different Applications

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Shenzhen, China (15.05.2019) – Solar-thermal panels generate electricity free of cost by converting sunlight into electricity or through transfer of sun’s heat to heating and ventilation applications. There are a number of different advantages of utilizing solar panels to produce electricity, the most important of them being decrease in costs related to generating electricity. Solar panels also provide power sources devoid of pollution and afford new dimensions of freedom to energy consumers. To meet the ever growing demand of solar powered lights, one of the most reputable Chinese LED lamp manufacturers VST Lighting Co., Ltd has brought integrated all in one Solar Street Lights into the market which are supplied worldwide.

The one of a kind all in one Solar Street Lights manufactured by VST Lighting is a compact lighting solution which has solar panels, LifePO4 battery and battery management system, LED light, PIR motion sensor or timer, and high standard solar system controller. These street lights are available in various different models and boasts of a number of dynamic features like, automatic dusk-to-dawn operation, easily installable in 10 minutes without any trained labour, requires little to no maintenance after installation, 100% eco-friendly, absolutely safe since it works on 12V circuit, and more.

VST Lighting’s Solar Street Lights has a number of different applications, like area or street lighting, airport, hospital, residential, commercial, and industrial lighting, military security and military perimeter security lighting, parking lot lighting, and various others. All detailed information about the all in one solar street lights manufactured by VST Lighting can be found on the webpage -

About Solar Street Lights:
The All in One Solar Street Lights manufactured by Chinese LED manufacturing company VST Lighting Co., Ltd offers a number of beneficial features and can be used for security lighting, parking lot lighting, hospital and airport lighting, military security lighting, and much more.

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VST Lighting CO., Ltd
Address: 4F, Yushan Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Bao’an,
Shenzhen, China
Phone: 0086-755-33245501
Fax: 0086-755-27675696
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Renowned Chinese LED lamp manufacturers VST Lighting Co., Ltd is offering a range of solar street light models, all of which are compactly designed with integrated LED lights, movement sensor, LifePO4 battery, solar panels, and solar charge controller. Solar Street Lights


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