Alexander the Great Greek Restaurant Offers Tasty Greek Foods with Authentic Greek Environment

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London, UK (January 20, 2019) – When visiting any restaurant most people expect that there should be good hospitality at the first instance. Of course, then come the taste and the atmosphere as well. For those interested in tasting Greek foods in London with an authentic Greek environment, they can confidently head to Alexander the Great Greek Restaurant.

With highly experienced chefs, who prepare the foods with high-quality and the best ingredients are able to ensure consistency in the taste of the foods served by this Greek Restaurant to the guests. The fresh Mediterranean cuisine along with the best hospitality impresses the guests to keep visiting this restaurant again and again.

In addition to serving tasty Greek foods, the Greek Restaurant also provides the space for the guests to book their personal functions. The restaurant caters to the private parties of guests including birthdays, Christening, Hen Nights and any other type of celebrations. When they reserve for a party for 10 people or more online, the guests will get a free cake and a bottle of Champagne at this restaurant.

About Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant:
The Greek Restaurant in London specializes in dishes like vegetarian meze and mixed meze. These are traditional Cypriot feasts that contain more than 18 dishes served over different courses.

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Media Contact:
Company: Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant
Owner: Stelios
Phone: 020 7388 1111

About author: Sumanta Dutta

For those living in London or visiting London interested in taking Greek foods from a restaurant with authentic Greek Environment, they can visit the Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant.


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