Al Badie Group Consents To Provide Financial Support To System Of University Education To Refugees

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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (June 18, 2018) – The top management of Al Badie Group and the founders of UniRef extended an invitation to the Pearl Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi to host a presentation of UniRef’s Pioneering mission to provide University Education for refugees.

A presentation on the humanitarian project developed by the Swiss International Humanitarian Organization (UniRef) in collaboration with the Al Badie Group and also other organizations like ISRA University and Jordan Red Cresent was hosted at the Pearl Rotana Hotel in Abu Dhabi with the tagline as “Let’s Build the Future through Education”.

The schedule of the conference encompassed a detailed introduction to the University Education program of UniRef. It was also explained how the program can give hundreds of refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian Camp access to higher education with the help of competent personnel and cutting-edge technology.

At the conference, the co-founders of the UniRef extended their thanks to the Management Board and also the CEO and VP of the Al Badie Group Mr. Khaled Al Badie for making a major contribution in executing the plan of providing financial support to this noble cause of educating the refugees on an humanitarian ground.

About Al Badie Group:
The Al Badie Group has extended a great name in different industries in Dubai. Apart from making huge contributions to the growth of the nation, the group also contributes by lending a helping hand to people in real need.

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Education to refugees at the Emirati-Jordanian Camp at Jordan is considered important. So, Al Badie Group extends their consent to offer financial support to System of University Education to the refugees.



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