Al Badie Group Bags a Major Role in the Largest Tank Transporter Development Project on the Planet

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Dubai, October 03, 2017 - Al Badie Group (ABG) is a prestigious group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has signed a contract with Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant in 2016. Mr. Khaled Al Badie, the Vice President of ABG, signed the agreement on behalf of his group. After the signing of the contract, ABG now has a major role in developing the biggest ever 8x8 off-road and on-road tank transporter on the planet.

The two companies signed an agreement to develop the Volat off-road tank transporter, a tank transporter meant for making the operations of the UAE GHQ Armed Forces easier and better. The tank transporter includes trailer, prime mover and semi-trailer, and can transport as many as 3 wheeled and tracked combat vehicles. The transporter can also carry 20/40 foot containers as heavy as 130 tons off-road as well as on-road.

The honor of bagging the project, according to Mr. Al Badie, happens to be the contribution of the group. At present, the road transporter is implemented for ferrying battle tanks from the UAE GHQ Armed Forces. Fantastic mobility, easy operations and reliability will be some of the main features of the Tanks Transporter that would be developed in association with Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

The Tanks Transporter will be one of the vehicles made under the CatID of Defence and Security by the ABG. It is one of the numerous sectors where the group functions in the UAE.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the CEO and Vice President of the prestigious Al Badie Group or ABG. He has been in charge of many major positions in different financial investment sectors and the private sector in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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