AIMS is Now Offering Logistics Certification in Bangladesh and Myanmar

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London, United Kingdom, (October 02, 2018) - Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is a well-known professional development institute in UK. AIMS offer online and in-class programs, on a wide range of subjects. AIMS is very well-known, especially for its educational programs in supply chain management and logistics management. AIMS’ Certified Supply & Logistics Professoinal (CSLP) is considered to be one of the best logistics certification in the world.

Logistics plays a very important role in the functioning of many organizations. The logistics department of a company, along with its supply system, handles the buying and shipping of different kinds of products. It is therefore no wonder that the students who are educated about the diverse aspects of logistics have a good chance of finding employment with many well-known business firms.

AIMS recently annonced the commencement of Certified Supply & Logistics Professional (CSLP) certification in Bangladesh and Myanmar. This logistics training is offered through a Hybrid Learning System (HLS) that allows students to study in-class as well as through an online portal. Logistics courses in CSLP focus on developing efficient problem solving skills.

CSLP covers the core as well as advanced lessons. During the training, two workshops will be arranged for students. During these workshops, students will develop practical skills, which is helpful for them to start a successful career in supply chain and logistics management. At the end of the course, Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) will award the CSLP certificate to successful candidates. CSLP certificate is globally recognized, and it will enable them to find employment in any reputed firm that deals with logistics and supply chain management.

Registration for CSLP has been started and October 10th, 2018 is the last date of registration. Classes will start from October 17th, 2018. The classes will be conducted at the Creative Professional Training Center (CPTC) in Dhaka-Bangladesh and Institute of Management and Logistics (IML) in Yangon-Myanmar.

About AIMS:
Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS) is a UK based educational institution that offers comprehensive courses on a broad range of subjects. AIMS offer Certificate, Master Diploma and MBA programs in Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management. These programs are offered through Online and In-Class trainings.

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About author: Sumanta Dutta

AIMS is among the leading supply chain management institutes in the United Kingdom. Considering the growing demand of skilled professionals, AIMS is now offering Certified Supply and Logistics Professional (CSLP) programs in Bangladesh and Myanmar. These programs are arranged by local partner institutions, and will be deliverd through a Hybrid Learning System (HLS).


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