AIMS Creates Certified Takaful Professionals With Tactically Designed Takaful Certification Course

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England, UK (April 07, 2019) – Nowadays, not just individuals, but even businesses need insurance services. In general, conventional insurance companies do not follow the Islamic Rules. This has led to the rise of Takaful System. To meet the growing needs of Takaful professionals, AIMS has designed the holistic Takaful Certification course.

Shortly referred to as CTP or Certified Takaful Professional course, it is designed to delivering insights and knowledge on Islamic practices about insurance. The institute is confident that at the end of the couple of Takaful courses offered under CTP, the learners will be in a position to turn experts on the Shariah-Compliant insurance methods.

When they start delivering the Takaful System from the knowledge they gain from the Takaful Certification from AIMS, the professionals will turn skilful for delivering value to customers, who are more religiously inclined. When talking about the course, AIMS says “Our online Takaful courses will expand your knowledge regarding the general Islamic financial system. It will also give you all the tools to understand insurance systems that comply with Islamic practices.”

The Takaful courses designed by AIMS encompass online faculty support, e-library, comprehensive study materials and engaging online lectures. The good thing about these courses is that they are designed as online courses and self-paced as well.

About AIMS UK:
The Academy of International Modern Studies is the expansion of AIMS. The institute has served thousands of professionals from more than 160 nations to gain their intellectual passion. The wide range of high-quality courses and the equal excellence of instructive resources ensure professional success. In addition to online MBA, the institute also offers many certificate and diploma courses that are delivered via a flexible e-learning platform.

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The Academy of International Modern Studies
Sarah Uksay
21 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, England, United Kingdom

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Certified Takaful Professionals can help businesses and individuals alike functioning from Islamic nations. To help them, AIMS UK offers tactically designed Takaful Certification course.


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