Accept, Change And Leave.

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Many people say that they feel unhappy, but in the end, they still want too much, but they have too little ability. They don’t like too many things, but they can change too little. Some people say that life has three keys: accept, change, and leave. If you learn these three points, you will be much happy.

I often see people on the Internet saying that they are speaking for the LGBT community. Some people are really kind and have a sense of social responsibility, but some people may just join in the fun. Because they may not even know what the four letters of LGBT mean. In addition to narrow sense of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgender, LGBT can also represent a wide range of non-heterosexuals. Don't assume a girl's partner is a male or boy's partner is a female.

1. Accept what happened to you.

The world is big, the advantage is that for many things, we can't do anything. Whose life is not easy, and what matters is how you look at it.Everyone you meet, everything is not accidental, whether it is good or bad, they will be a step on your way to growth, and make you a better person. You have to believe that everything is the best arrangement. Never regret what has happened. Always look up and look forward.

As a bisexual people,We all understand the pressures of coming out. Many people have difficulty accepting the fact that they are bisexual, and always evade. If you can't even accept it yourself, how can you expect others to accept you? You don't have to label yourself, Coming out is often a struggle, I know it can feel kind of impossible. Hopefully you can find support and advice for any troubles you may come across.

2.Change unacceptable things.

Accepting everything that is in place is a kind of wisdom, but it doesn't mean letting you swallow everything. If you can't bear it, you don't have to endure. When a person or a thing has seriously affected you, don't dare to speak for the so-called face. Dare to fight for yourself and change the status quo. There are many ways to solve the problem. It is the most useless to stop in the same place.You have to live a horny, smiling and very simple and bright to your friends, but you must be soft in the face of enemies.

As a bisexual people, Malicious embarrassment and language humiliation, physical attacks, in the scope of your full recovery, please protect yourself. You also can join some bisexual dating sites, to find more support and friends...

3.Leave things that can't be changed.

Let go when appropriate, is the most elegant elegance. You have to remember that you are the master of your own life. Don't let yourself be physically and mentally exhausted for some unimportant people or things. You deserve better, your legs are on your own body. If you can't stand it, you will make big strides. If you don't look back, there are always things that make us helpless, but we can't do anything, but don't forget to keep the sunshine in your heart whenever and wherever.

As a bisexual people, if you are attracted by women and men, you can't change your sexuality, you are bisexual, just be yourself. With your come out to many people, happiness and trouble will follow. Happiness is, you finally live your self, you open your heart to everyone, unfortunately some people don’t understand, hate. You have no way to change every one's thoughts, you can only ignore them.


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