A Pipe Clamp Is one of the Good Solutions for Tube, Pipe and Wire Fastening and Installation

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Tube clamps are widely utilised in pipes, tubes, hose, wires fastening and installation. And there are numerous types based on various requirements.

There is a well-known kind of tube clamp in accordance with German typical DIN 3015, we ordinarily also call it hydraulic tube clamp. DIN 3015 clamps assure a trustworthy, straightforward, dampening assistance for pipes, hoses, tubes, and conduits in industrial hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic systems, method industries, and electrical construction.

DIN 3015 hydraulic pipe clamps absorb shock, dampen vibration, and cut down noise in hydraulic systems.


You will find 3 most important series of clamps as below: Standard series, Heavy duty, Double pipe clamps.

Normally material Polypropylene (PP) is utilized for regular clamps and Polyamide (PA) or Aluminum (AL) for higher temperature applications or other specific applications. And the material of metal parts usually like galvanized steel for standard applications, 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel for applications beneath corrosion.

Detailed information of your above three series:

Normal pipe clamp

Sometimes we also call it light duty tube clamp, depends on which industrial location you might be in.

- Technical standard: based on DIN 3015 part 1

- Dimensions offered for pipe and tube size 6mm to 102 mm.

- Applied for pipe and tube, hose installation in hydraulic systems with typical function stress below 1500 PSI.

Heavy duty pipe clamp

Occasionally we also contact it heavy series tube clamp, heavy duty tube clamp, is determined by which nation and which industrial region you're in.

- Technical common: based on DIN 3015 element 2

- Dimensions out there for pipe size 6mm to 508 mm.

- Applied for pipe and tube, hose installation in hydraulic systems with high function stress greater than 1500 PSI.

Twin series pipe clamps

It's also called twin tube clamp, double pipe clamp.

- Technical typical: based on DIN 3015 aspect three

- Dimensions accessible for pipe and tube size 6mm to 42 mm.

- Applied for pipe and tube, hose installation in hydraulic systems with standard work stress below 1500 PSI. (For application with pressure higher than 1500 PSI, heavy twin series is accessible.)

Functioning temperature:

For Polypropylene clamps the working temperature variety is from -30 centi-degrees to +90 centi-degrees, and for Polyamide clamps the working temperature variety is from -40 centi-degrees to +120 centi-degrees, although for aluminum clamps, the functioning temperature can reach as much as 300 centi-degrees.

Besides the above 3 sorts, there is also a form of anti-vibration clamps for applications with higher shock and vibration.higher shock and vibration.
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