A Helpful Guide to Lyft Promo Codes for Existing Users

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We’ve all seen the Lyft promo codes which might be supplied to new riders, but are there any Lyft codes or promos for people who are already enjoying the app as their principal ridesharing service? The answer to that query falls into a gray area.

Can Existing Lyft Riders Use A Promo Code?

The company nevertheless needs to make a profit, and giving away free Lyft rides around the common will be a really serious detriment to that. Even so, there are actually definitely nevertheless techniques that existing customers can take advantage of Lyft’s generous and normally ongoing promotions.

As a way to pin down extra Lyft discounts, you’ll ought to be slightly difficult, possess a very good understanding of how the Lyft app works, and have access to lots of close friends. In this case, the far more the merrier! You’ll find that sharing codes and inviting one a further is one on the quickest and easiest techniques to rack up a hefty Lyft discount.

Right here are a handful of on the finest known methods to gather Lyft promo codes, so you as well as your good friends can earn one of the most free rides.

Invite One another to use Lyft
As quickly as you register with Lyft, you grow to be an existing user and quit your eligibility to take advantage of new-user promo codes. This really is normally tied to your phone number, which basically locks your device into the app and tends to make it fairly impossible to try and trick the Lyft app into not recognizing you from that point on. Obtaining a brand new phone can work as a appropriate workaround for this, but certainly no one’s running out to choose up a brand new phone each time they desire to get yet another discount.

That becoming said, being an current user is not the finish of all feasible Lyft promo codes. By getting an existing user, you are assigned a exceptional referral code that is intended to be your key source of earning free ride credits. Merely put, you are expected to give your code to new users, and after they register using that code and take their initial free ride, you’ll earn oneself a free ride credit for having recruited a brand new rider.

Arguably the very best aspect about earning free ride credits by way of your customized Lyft code is the fact that the amount you are rewarded is continuously changing. Often it is five dollars per new user, but it’s gone all the way up to fifty dollars per new user through promotions and holidays. This can be by far the most effective strategy to earn ongoing ride credits.

If you’re not positive where to discover your referral code, just open up your Lyft app and find “Invite Friends” around the principal menu. Your referral code must pop correct up onto your screen, and also you can hand that code out to as quite a few people as you like. If you’d rather send your pals a direct hyperlink to register using your code, it is possible to instead pick “Free Rides” from the menu and send out personalized messages to any individual on your contacts list, inviting them to sign up for Lyft.

It’s pretty apparent how you can benefit from this Lyft code! Just make sure you as well as your friends are wisely sharing codes with one an additional (or new faces, for that matter!), and you’ll be racking up free rides in no time.

Hitch a Ride from a new User’s Device
We briefly touched on how Lyft automatically recognizes your device when you use their app, and how that makes it hard to make a number of accounts, but there is certainly a way that you could use this to your advantage. Should you possess a buddy who hasn’t downloaded Lyft however, show them tips on how to register and be sure you use a present new-user promotion when you do so. By using the new account to hitch a ride, you’ll quickly have a free ride!

This could be a huge help if you’re carpooling or traveling in a group. There’s a really superior chance a minimum of one person in your group hasn’t tried Lyft ahead of, or maybe they’ve changed their phone quantity considering that then and are eligible to sign up for any new account. Be sure to locate an individual who's eligible as a new user and contact for your driver from their phone.
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