A Beginner’s Guide to Obtaining Cannabis

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The best smoking experiences frequently include the ideal marijuana buds. When flower is really very good, you spark up and experience pleasant highs, wonderful flavor, relaxing aromas. The worst smoking experiences normally come when flower is, effectively, just bad. We generally want the “loud,” “fire,” “Private Reserve” weed, and want to stay clear of the “schwag,” “brick,” and “bunk” weed at all charges.

Identifying high-quality, or as people familiar to obtaining weed say: “top shelf,” flower can throw even one of the most skilled cannabis connoisseurs for any loop, so listed below are a couple of key traits that separate today’s high-end strains from significantly less desirable ones.

Let’s speedily define flower ahead of we get began. The term flower refers for the dried and cured female cannabis plant’s blooms, usually called “nugs” or “buds.” Flower is generally intoxicating in nature - THC description would be the primary indicator of euphoric potency - but some flower has high CBD description material and can bring about significantly less intoxicating effects.

You'll find four key indicators when delineating in between high-quality flower and subpar flower: smell, look, feel, and flower structure.

Here are a handful of markers to assist you identify the ideal marijuana for your money.

Indicators of High-Quality Flower


Cannabis cultivated and cured to the highest requirements normally exhibits a pungent and pleasant aroma. Flowers emitting a sturdy fragrance are usually known as getting a “dank” or “loud” odor, indicating the all round high-quality with the flower. There are a range of terms for the varieties of aromas high-quality cannabis emits, which includes “skunky,” “diesely” and “piney.”

The widespread denominator is the fact that a superb smelling flower is distinct, pungent, and unmistakable; the stronger smelling, the greater.


High-end flower, like fresh, healthy create, offers a number of visual hints to assist you identify its top quality.

Even though all good cannabis really should be visually attractive, a major shelf strain can easily show a brilliant array of vibrant colors. Good quality flowers are generally a deep or lime green with flaming orange to red hairs. They will also express colors from deep purple to vibrant blue, but need to by no means display brown color tones.

Yet another crucial visual indicator is the volume of trichomes. Trichomes will be the tiny, glimmering crystal-like appendages on the plant’s surface that make and hold the compounds accountable for the flower’s smell, flavor, and effects. The much more trichomes you may see with the naked eye, the superior the indicator of your flower’s potency.


Leading shelf flower ought to be sticky and slightly spongy when you touch or gently squeeze it between your fingers. Stems should really snap and also the bud must be fairly simple to break apart, but shouldn’t be absolutely dry or crumble apart once you touch it. Alternatively, buds shouldn’t be as well wet or soft, as these buds have a larger chance of containing or developing mold or mildew.

A different significant visual indicator may be the level of trichomes. Trichomes will be the tiny, glimmering crystal-like appendages around the plant’s surface that generate and hold the compounds responsible for the flower’s smell, flavor, and effects. The more trichomes you'll be able to see using the naked eye, the far better the indicator on the flower’s potency.
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