6 Amazing Benefits of Secondary Glazing

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Secondary Glazing has improved massively in recent years. It can look fantastic in any room and often provides as many energy efficiency benefits as new double-glazed windows. Here are just a few reasons why secondary glazing may be the ideal option for your home.

If your home has even one of these problems then secondary glazing may be the solution.

1. Draughts
If you get draughts around your windows a cheaper and simpler option than replacing all the windows is to add secondary glazing. Immediately, your home will feel warmer, cosier and you will benefit from reduced heating bills.

2. Heat Loss
Do you find yourself cranking up the heating or cuddling up under throws to keep yourself warm? If you have old windows that are allowing all the heat to disappear outside, then secondary glazing will reduce this problem by up to 50%. Did you know that a single pane of glass can lose almost 10 times as much heat as the same area of an insulated wall?

3. Noise
If noise from outside is your problem whether from traffic or late-night revellers, secondary glazing is great for reducing the noise and providing you with a quieter home. Some studies say it is better than double glazed windows.

4. Listed/Historic Building or Conservation Area
You may be the proud owner of a gorgeous old cottage or a Georgian townhouse with large windows, however, these homes are often a bit chilly and have planning restrictions on what you are allowed to change. Adding secondary glazing on the inside of your windows that can’t be seen from the outside is often the only method to help you keep warm and reduce heating costs.

5. Aesthetics
Many older homes have beautiful old windows that add character to the house and the last thing the homeowner wants to do is replace them with uPVC double glazed windows or ultra-modern aluminium framed windows. This is yet another example where secondary glazing is the perfect solution.

6. Money
Although new double-glazed windows bring many benefits they are not cheap. Secondary glazing is cheaper than new windows and may still bring all the benefits you require along with cheaper heating bills.
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