5 Reasons for Hosting an International Student in Your Home

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Are you thinking about doing a homestay? London is full of families just like you who share a love for meeting new people and making guests feel like they’re part of the family. International students are often looking for something more than just a place to sleep – a home rather than a hotel – and a host like you can offer just that!

While travelling to a foreign city may be a whirlwind for your guest, hosting is an adventure in itself as you open your door to different cultures, stories and friends. Plus, if you’re living in the country’s capital, there’s even more to gain from a homestay. London is a top destination for students from all over the globe.

Here are just a few of the reasons why becoming a host could be the best decision you make this year:

1. Make New Friends

There’s no better way to make lifelong connections than through a homestay. London can be a lonely place for international students and hosts alike, so an exchange is a great way to build relationships.

2. Discover and Learn About a Different Culture

Students come from all over to study in England’s capital – Poland, Venezuela, Thailand, South Africa, you name it. As a host, you will literally be opening your doors to a whole new culture. Not only will you have the chance to learn about life in another country, but you and your family will learn to see things from a different perspective, which in today’s world is an extremely valuable skill.

3. Rediscover Your Local Area

In today’s era of fast, affordable travel, it often happens that we’ve explored far-flung regions more than our own high-street. Having a visitor to stay is a great opportunity to show off the local attractions and get to know the history of your area a little better. Maybe there’s beautiful park nearby you’ve been meaning to explore – having someone to stay can revive your love of local life!

4. Improve Your Language Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills we have as humans, which will become evident when welcoming a non-native speaker into your home. While students may be here to improve their English skills, you too will have the chance to learn a new language. Well, a few phrases at least.

5. Connect With Your Community

Not only will your homestay guest become part of the family, but they will also become part of your local community – the college, the sports club, family friends... your role will be to enhance their experience and make them feel welcomed, and introducing them to your peers is part of that.

As you can see, hosting an international student is rewarding as much as it is fun. So, what are you waiting for? Adventure awaits and it starts right in your front room.
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