5 Luxury Golfing Destinations for Winter Sun

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The days are shorter, the temperatures are lower and the skies are greyer. It’s that dreaded time of year again – winter. If you’re finding the cold weather is getting you down, dodge seasonal depression by leaving the country and even the continent. There’s no better way to cheer yourself up than with some vitamin D and golfing. Destinations all over the world, from Vietnam to the United States, are perfect for those looking for this kind of luxury break. Read on to see where you should go the next time you want to escape damp, chilly England.

Florida, USA

For those going on holiday in the United States, Florida is quite often seen as the ideal golfing destination – especially if you’re looking to escape a cold winter. It’s a golfer’s dream with its warm weather, relaxed atmosphere and enormous selection of courses and resorts. Whether you’re looking for an experience that’s classy and understated (such as Saddlebrook in Tampa) or fun and exciting (Disney World’s four greens in Orlando), this state has the perfect place to putt.

South Africa

Soak up the sun on a coastal tour of South Africa’s Western Cape. When you travel along what is known as the Garden Route, you’ll be able to indulge in scenic views, get a lovely introduction to the area (it’s wine country!) and, perhaps most importantly of all, take advantage of the great greens this area of the world offers. From Arabella to Fancourt, you’ll get to play innumerable courses.


For a hefty dose of sightseeing and luxury, try a more unusual golfing destination – Vietnam. Stay at the Banyan Tree resort for pampering, play at a number of the high class courses in the surrounding areas and visit a plethora of historical sites.


Morocco is another unique holiday destination for golfers, thanks to a past king with a passion for the sport. His love of the game led to a multitude of great courses being constructed all over the country, especially in the city of Marrakesh. With over six fantastic greens to play on, lovely warm weather and lush greenery and scenery, this is an ideal winter break. And if you’re looking for extra curriculars, you won’t be at a loss for things to do – there’s everything from mosque visits to haggling at marketplaces.


Good vibes (and great golf) only – book a trip to Barbados. You won’t find a more relaxing golfing destination. The locals are friendly, the temperatures are ideal and the drinks are always flowing. It’s pure bliss, so much so that you won’t even be bothered by the cheeky monkeys that are infamous for stealing balls while you’re out on the green.

Keep these sensationally sunny golfing destinations in mind as summer begins to fade and winter creeps in – they’re the perfect places to escape its icy grasp and enjoy the perfect putt.
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