4 Reasons Why I’m Glad I’m a Locksmith in Glasgow!

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As a self-employed local locksmith in Glasgow I can truly say that there are many benefits to my job. Not only do I get to meet loads of nice people as I scoot around from one call to the next, I also get to see all the lovely and not so lovely parts of Glasgow. And I could probably tell you a few stories about what I’ve seen. But the main benefits are that I don’t have to worry about the problems that arise for a lot of people.

Here are 4 problems that as a locksmith I don’t have to worry about:

Being locked Out
It may be one of the worst scenarios you find yourself in; standing on the outside of your property, unable to get in. It’s an easy mistake to make. Running out the door and slamming it behind you to then realise that you have left your keys hanging up inside. Or perhaps you’ve lost them somewhere as you pulled things out of your pocket or bag. In many people’s minds that is actually worse as there’s the potential for someone to find them and use them if they have an identifying tag on them (like a keyring).

You need inside your property and so you might think about climbing through a tiny open window or smashing a window. But this could be risky and could cause injury or rack up hundreds of pounds worth of damages. The best thing to do is search on Google for a local locksmith who is reputable and knowledgeable. You’ll get a sense of this by reading reviews and actually speaking to them on the phone. The last thing you want is someone un-reputable dealing with your locks.

If I’m called, then my priority is to initially attempt non-destructive entry so that no damage to your property occurs. Other poorly trained locksmiths might cause unnecessary damage as they are not skilled enough.

Thankfully as a locksmith, I don’t have to worry as although I may lock myself out, I definitely know how to get back in.

Broken Keys
After years of use, your trusty keys may begin to weaken or they may get bent. They might then not fit into the lock anymore or they may snap inside of the lock. If this happens, you will require the help of a locksmith to extract the broken part and replace your key. Attempting to extract the broken piece yourself if it is stuck could result in you causing unnecessary damage to the lock.

As a locksmith I make sure that my keys are in tip top condition and I can make new ones thanks to my key cutting apparatus which I keep in my van. If you call me I’ll be able to cut you new keys too.

Moving Home and Replacement Keys
Moving to a new property is usually a positive thing to do but it is recommended that you change the locks in your new property as soon as possible. This is a precaution in case the previous owners had cut extra keys for extended family or even neighbours in the event of them being locked out. For security sake you want to start afresh and know exactly who has a spare set of keys to your home.

I haven’t moved home in a while but I would change all my locks if I did without question.

Damaged Locks caused by Burglars
Probably the worst nightmare for a lot of people. Coming back from holiday or a night out to discover that your property had been burgled. A common entry point for burglars is through uPVC doors and windows because they often have weak points. A burglar knows how to get in via a UPVC door as uses a lock snapping technique. This can occur if the Euro cylinder within the lock is of inferior quality. Then it literally takes only a few seconds for the lock to be snapped and entry gained.

I only fit snap safe quality cylinders in uPVC doors. The maximum star rating is 3 stars which is the recommended insurance level. I also add 2 star door handles, and by doing so bring the whole locking system up to 5 stars –near impossible for a burglar to gain entry via lock snapping.

I’m glad I’m a locksmith and I’m able to help lots of people. If you need any help with the problems I’ve discussed be sure to get in touch. I will usually be able to reply to any locksmith emergency within 30 minutes and you can be sure you are getting a reputable and trusted locksmith (see my video for more information about me!).
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