4 Fast Plumber Arlington Shares Concerns For Water Heater Maintenance And Safety

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4 Fast Plumber Arlington, a trusted plumbing company that has been serving Northern Virginia for years, made a public service announcement about water heater maintenance. The company listed four reasons that water heater maintenance is essential for homeowners. According to 4 Fast Plumber Arlington, not enough residents take steps to maintain their water heaters on a routine basis, and the company wanted to stress the importance of such maintenance.

4 Fast Plumber Arlington stated that it is necessary to maintain warranty protection on hot water heaters, if warranty protection was included with the purchase of the appliance. According to 4 Fast Plumber Arlington, homeowners who do not regularly drain their water heater are not in a position to submit any claims, should damages occur.

4 Fast Plumber Arlington went on to state that if water heaters are not drained regularly, sediment will build up at the bottom of the tank, and it will take longer for the unit to heat water. 4 Fast Plumber Arlington also stated that draining the water heater on a regular basis reduces monthly utility bills, as energy efficiency is increased.

4 Fast Plumber Arlington went on to announce that regularly draining a water heater will greatly reduce noise in the home. According to 4 Fast Plumber Arlington, the regular buildup of water residue will cause the water heater to crackle. This crackling noise can cause a great disturbance, especially if the water heater is located near the living room or family room. 4 Fast Plumber Arlington announced that draining the water heater reduces residue build up, and therefore cuts back on annoying noises.

In its closing remarks, 4 Fast Plumber Arlington stated that safety measures should be taken and the power supply should always be turned off when electric water heaters are being serviced. Similarly, gas should be turned off when a gas-powered water heater is being serviced. 4 Fast Plumber Arlington went on to state that they have ample experience installing and maintaining water heaters in the Arlington area. According to 4 Fast Plumber Arlington, proper water heater installation and maintenance can save homeowners huge dollars, and prevent huge headaches, and help maintain safety. 4 Fast Plumber Arlington stated that a little care and diligence can go a long way.
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