Neurosurgery in Mumbai the best affordable option for medical tourists

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Scope of Neurosurgeons

A neurosurgeon can be defined as a specialist or doctor who aptitude in the careful treatment and conclusion of the specific issue, the turmoil of the sensory system, cerebrum, tumor, stroke, contaminations in the spines and mind is known as neurosurgeons, as such, a specialist who manages the confusion of the spine and mind are for the most part named as Neurosurgeons. The neurosurgeons experience serious and thorough instruction, preparing which incorporate a level of Doctor of Medicine (M.D) with a preparation time of 7-to 8-years residency in neurosurgery.

Need for Neurosurgeons

Key obligations of neurosurgeons are to test and look at patients with clusters of the cerebrum, head, spinal section, and nerves. Further to rearrange demonstrative checks and assess results out the test performed on the patient. After the outcomes make a finding and endorse drug and sort of treatment. Subsequent to choosing the kind of treatment to play out the medical procedure is performed to address disfigurements, variations from the norm or wounds influencing the cerebrum, nerves and spinal segment. This most significantly square measure the duties that square measure to be sent by the neurosurgeons, with this most imperative factor is that neurosurgeons ought to be authorized holding a board confirmation in neurosurgery.

Give now a chance to examine the rundown of top neurosurgeons in Mumbai India:

• Dr. Paresh Doshi
• Dr. Rajan Shah
• Dr. Alok Sharma
• Dr. Ghulam Khan
• Dr. Mohinish Bhatjiwale
• Dr. Suresh Sankhla
• Dr. Nitin Narayan Dange
• Dr. Vishwanathan Iyer
• Dr. Sunil K Pandya
• Dr. Manoj Virani
• Dr. Atul Goel
• Dr. Abhaya Kumar
• Dr. Keki Edulji Turel
• Dr. Ashok Hande
• Dr. Harshad Parekh
• Dr. Hrishikesh Sarkar

Above are the neurosurgeons which are famous for performing the best neurosurgery in Mumbai, India. These neurosurgeons are popular for their high success rates thus are in high demand.

High demand for neurosurgeons in India

A Neurosurgery treatment by the best neurosurgeons in Mumbai in the best neurosurgery hospitals in Mumbai, India costs around INR 2,09,000 ($3,000) - INR 12,55,000 ($18,000), which is way more affordable as compared to other countries. That’s one of the reasons for the high demand for neurosurgeons in Mumbai. Overseas patients are provided with special access to great treatment & quality services.

Success Rate of Neurosurgery

The success rate of neurosurgery varies between 85-95%. It also depends on the other factors which are as follows:

• Type of surgery
• Organ failure
• Type of medication
• The doctor doing the treatment etc

Best Hospitals for Neurosurgery in Mumbai India:

Here is a rundown of the top Neurosurgery Hospitals in Mumbai India which are famous for their infrastructure and treatments:

• Kokilaben Hospital
• Nanavati Hospital
• Fortis Hospital, Mulund
• Jaslok Hospital
• MGM New Bombay Hospital
• Sevenhills Hospital
• Saifee Hospital, Mulund
• Bombay Hospital
• New Age Wockhardt Hospital
• Hinduja Healthcare Hospital
• Global Hospital
• Apollo Hospital


There square measure various specialists associate in the nursing clinic in Mumbai India which supplies a vast scope of restorative and healthful services administrations.

As of late, there was a review diode in the city, India as indicated by which the best of them is a gathering of best specialists and healing facilities in India. These gatherings have neurosurgeons world health organization square measure specialists and loosely gifted with regards to treatment. Additionally, healing centers this gathering accommodates the treatment have the most recent medicinal framework to address a patient's issue.

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