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You’ve probably heard a lot about cloud technology already. If you think it sounds like some technological nightmare where your data floats around somewhere in the ether, we understand. This is a relatively new technology but it’s developing faster than most people realise. The applications that are available now cover a wide range of different industries. Fleet management is no exception. You can now use cloud technology to manage a fleet of vehicles and their drivers in a fast and efficient way.

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How can the cloud benefit me?
It’s a reasonable question. You’ve no doubt heard of the cloud as a way to store information away from your own systems. It doesn’t take up space on your company hard drives so you can hold more data. So what? You might be thinking that you’ve never had a problem with running out of storage space, so how will the cloud contribute to anything?

Good question. The truth is that storing your data in the cloud doesn’t just free up your own data storage systems. It makes them more secure too. Want to know more? Download the free comprehensive guide now.

Data security
We know it sounds illogical. How can sending your data out into a cloud possibly be more secure? After all, clouds release rain easily enough. The difference with this cloud is that it isn’t connected to anything physical. That makes it more difficult to hack, unlike your existing hard wired systems.

The cloud has been developed with top of the range security systems that get your data off site and properly protected. That means you won’t have to contact your customers to tell them someone’s misused their data and it’s all your fault.

Instant access
How often do you need to share information? Even if you have data that only relates to fleet matters that could still need to be shared with a few different people and across systems. If you collect anything that relates to finance or HR how is that shared? Do you want to spend your time emailing information across the company or do you have better things to do?

When your data is in the cloud you can grant access to anyone who needs it at the click of a button and get on with your day.

Better planning
Instant data access via the cloud doesn’t just mean easier sharing. It means that you can access information from your vehicles whenever and wherever you need it. If you need to know how many hours your drivers have done this week so that you can plan your rota, you can access the information whilst they’re still on the road. No more frantic planning when everyone has returned to the depot at the end of the day.

Some of your competitors may already be using these technologies. Your competitors may already be using digitisation and automations to reduce their costs and improve their customer service. You might think that your existing systems are good enough, but good enough is no longer sufficient!

In an era of exponential technology growth are you driving change or being driven by change? We now live in a world where everything can be connected and intelligent and we think it should be.

Are you really ready?

Download the free guide now and check out the other pages for information on the vast areas where telematics may be failing in your business.
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Our fleet tracking solutions include several features that your business could benefit from – including fleet efficiency, route optimisation, tachograph management, job scheduling, integrated dashcams and e-proof delivery.

Our fleet tracking solutions use telematics technology to collect valuable data and information from a fleet of assets. We obtain real-time data so it is more valuable and useful for fleet managers to use to make quick strategic decisions. In order to improve the efficiency of your fleet, you need management software like ours which is intelligent, can interpret large amounts of data from a fleet and can transform this data into easy-to-use reports.


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