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IPX - Savior Or Old Tech
The looming battle over IP peering has caused some organizations to review their use of IPX, internetwork packet exchange. This old packet exchange technology is being touted as a possible option to defer the large costs associated with the defeat of net ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Communications, Telephone System
What You Need To Know About SIP Trunking
Inflexible telephone networks are becoming a thing of the past and more businesses are turning to SIP trunking since it is the first step to a unified communication platform that offers improved productivity, reduced costs, centralization, and disaster ...
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About An AT&T Master Agent
AT&T Master Agent is one of the most successful ventures of AT&T. It is the authorized company by AT&T to deal in its products. So the agent company is actually a sort of a representative of AT&T. The purpose of having this kind of an extension is to have a ...
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