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Justin Ng, a Successful Fitness Trainer and Amateur Muay Thai Fighter
Justin Ng is a nineteen year old American Born Chinese who currently lives in Manhattan, New York. From the very beginning, he has expressed a strong passion for health and fitness activities. It was only at the tender age of eleven when he started boxing. ...
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Posted by Sumanta Dutta in Sports and Fitness, Boxing
Bring Balance and Peace To Your Life Through Sports!
Due to the hectic routines that almost all the people have today, it becomes difficult to take out time for the self. Here by self, mean that people don't have time to take care of their health through physical exercise. Playing sports or exercising is ...
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Posted by Laura Jones in Sports and Fitness, Adventure Racing
Timmy Deleu Adds Reviews Of Best Basketball Shoes of 2017 on Their Website to Help Select Right Shoes
While playing basketball, a player always wants to make a leap and dunk the ball to score points. For this, they need to wear the best pair of basketball shoes that have been designed with the latest technology, allowing a player to take their game to the ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Basketball
The Evolution on the Sport of Boxing
Hand-to-hand combat could possibly be the oldest type of combat that occurred amongst Homo sapiens. Whilst weapons speedily replaced the fist as a solution to hunt, hand-to-hand combat persisted as a way of settling disputes. Sports have been normally ...
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Posted by Thomas Shaw in Sports and Fitness, Sport Boats
Science & Technology Changes Our World, Future, and Lives, While Runtopia Changes the Way We Run
With the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, Runtopia released its St. Patrick’s Day Online Race, which received the participation of thousands of running enthusiasts. At the same time, Runtopia’s third round of Big Run received fierce competition from the opposing ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Weight Loss
Runtopia Announced Its New Strategic Plan
Runtopia, the well-known sports app, has officially announced its new strategic plan—Runtopia Premium, making it a great turning point for Runtopia into a more mature app. Runtopia Premium is specifically designed for professional runners, which is offered to ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Weight Loss
Veteran Instructor Guides Students at Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do
Master David McCloskey started embracing the ideals of Tae Kwon-Do as a student in 1977, learning under grandmasters Young Il Kong and Young Bo Kong. Today he continues his dedication to students of the Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do martial arts association that ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Wrestling
Runtopia: One High-qualified Running App With Innovative Online Activities
On the 3rd of March, the GPS Running Tracker&Workout Community APP - Runtopia launched its version 2.2.0 on Google Play and App Store. Young APP: Genuine + Outstanding Since Runtopia released its first version in 2016, it keeps high frequency of ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Sport Boats
GPS Watch VS Running APP, Which Is Better?
There are different opinions among runners on which one is better between the GPS watch and the running app. Some people suggest the GPS watch is a symbol of the advanced runner, but others hold the view that the running app is the optimal option for runners ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Track and Field
A New Era Of Running Tracker & Interactive Community APP, Runtopia Is Coming
With the arrival of the new year 2017, a new round of spring Marathon race around the world has started its preparations for registration, including different theme of running activities. In this new year, running activities with large amount of people ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Track and Field
Runtopia Rescues People from the Bad Result of Super Bowl Overeating
The Super Bowl attracted the sight of the whole world, and millions of sport enthusiasts got caught in the revelry of this high-profile event. People sat in front of the flashing screen, engrossed in the “Super Bowl” and the visual feast of Lady Gaga live ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Bowling
Everything You Need To Know About Bikes Is Now Available On One Website
A bike-themed website has received thousands of views from cycle fans around the world. The site features many reviews of the top models alongside buying guides everyone finds useful. All the articles are written from an unbiased perspective to ensure they ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Archery
Interesting Sport Articles
Exciting issue about sport articles is the fact that a great deal of factors in, and about the sporting arenas is often study out as most of these articles cover a sizable number of sporting events. Regardless of whether it's hot news concerning the sex ...
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Posted by Thomas Shaw in Sports and Fitness, Football
Coollang Launches Advanced Sports Sensor Technology into Highly Accurate Smart Tennis, Badminton and Baseball Performance Analysis Devices
Las Vegas, NV – Coollang , a leading sports technology company, is launching new, highly accurate tennis, badminton and baseball performance analysis devices incorporating its advanced sports sensors and will showcase these devices at CES. Also, for the first ...
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Posted by Matt Stover in Sports and Fitness, Adventure Racing
Jumping Rope has never been Easier than with the Dynamic King Athletic Jump Rope
Making the decision isn’t tough when it comes to choosing the best jump rope. The leading fitness brand King Athletic makes it easy through its creation of the dynamic Hyper Jump Rope( For sports enthusiasts and beginners alike, ...
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Posted by Kathiresan in Sports and Fitness, Adventure Racing