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DAS-Cyber All Set To Take Cyber Security Compliance to the Next Level
Bloomfield, Michigan, USA (July 01, 2017) – With the world going digital at lightning pace, the necessity of cyber security has literally quadrupled over the past half decade. All businesses, companies, organizations and institutions especially those ...
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Posted by Sumanta Dutta in Computers, Security
Three Good Reasons To Have An Email Archive
Whether or not an enterprise should establish and maintain an email archive seems to be a question long since answered and yet, there are still enterprises resistant to the idea. An email archive, in this instance, implies an offsite retention and retrieval ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Computers, Security
More About Access Gateway
With the intense technological needs today, businesses and networks require the usage of professional gateway controls to ensure user access. Customer attraction and retention is dependent upon the end user experience. Many different components are necessary ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Computers, Security
Why Data Encryption Matters Now More Than Ever
We depend on encrypted data all the time without often thinking about it. We take it for granted that the information we send and receive electronically is private – our online banking transactions, emails, social network passwords and more. These ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Computers, Security
PDF to Flash Magazine software, AllForHandy
Having a problem on how to put your PDF files in your powerpoint presentation? Do not worry anymore because we have a solution for that. There is a website that can convert your PDF files for you to use them in different ways. has software ...
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Posted by Irfanuddin in Computers, Security
How Can Obfuscation Help Protect Intellectual Property?
Obfuscation essentially helps in protecting the source code of an application from any sort of security related threats and allows you retain the functionality of the application at the same time. Simply put, it is a procedure that is all about conversion of ...
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Posted by Nora Gwilt in Computers, Security