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The Different Uses of Silica Gel
When you buy merchandise like a handbag, a new pair of new shoes or even some bottled medicine, you probably noticed a small silica gel packets in them that are labeled "Do Not Eat". And you probably don't even think that you have any use for them after the ...
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Posted by Veronica Church in Technology, Research
Shoney Scientific Inc. Unveils the Most Utilized Technologies for Medical Device Manufacturing
Waukesha, WI (November 21, 2018) - Shoney Scientific Inc., your best resource for offshore medical product manufacturing has unveiled its most used technologies for the advancement of medical equipment production. Shoney Scientific Inc. has been involved in ...
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Posted by Sumanta Dutta in Technology, Research
Stairy – Steps & Ball Challenge – New Android Casual Game From PI Digi
Some studies says playing intelligent mobile games make people more skilled and smarter. It increases their speed and accuracy level. Stairy is one such game with simple design and brain boosting powers. Stairy game is developed by the team Phoenix Games & ...
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Posted by Ronei daselva in Technology, Research
Enceladus, Saturn's Moon
Cassini spacecraft, which since 2004 investigating Saturn and its natural moons, captured a beautiful picture of one of these moons, Enceladus, which scientists believe the oceans are hidden under a layer of ice. The image is visible (weak) Enceladus ...
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Posted by Andreea Weed in Technology, Research
What Would Happen If We Did Not Die
It is possible for man - every man - to live forever? Some think so, others fear that it would be possible, some hope that, others are convinced that it can. The truth is that a man crossing the state of mortal flesh to immortal beings were the deepest, ...
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Posted by Andreea Weed in Technology, Research
A Planet That Is Unlike Any Other
Observations with the Hubble telescope have revealed the existence of a "water world" - a planet larger than Earth and is surrounded by a dense atmosphere, laden with water vapor. Exoplanet GJ 1214b is a unique discovery for astronomers; as Zachory Berta ...
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Posted by Andreea Weed in Technology, Research