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What kinds of services are provided by international transportation?
When you order an item from some foreign company, do you ever wonder how that item reaches to you? Or the steps involved? Well, this process is very long and tedious and the products are exchanges many a hand before coming to you. Most of the process is taken ...
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Posted by Johnmeck in Business, Outsourcing
6 Common Mistakes that KILL Productivity when Hiring $120 a week Workers
It’s actually very easy to hire staff in the Philippines with amazingly productivity, who are paid about $120 a week. These staff members are all educated in English with University degrees. But like anything there are traps and issues. Most mistakes ...
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Posted by Mike O'Hagan in Business, Outsourcing
Cracking the Offshoring Nut
In our ever connected world there are massive opportunities buying, selling and now EMPLOYING anywhere in the world. It's actually now really easy to find well educated, highly motivated administration/office workers who will happily work for $120 a ...
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Posted by Mike O'Hagan in Business, Outsourcing
Advantages Of A Global Printing Solution
Outsourcing has always been an essential part of business, whether it be a cart maker getting the wheels of his cart made by a specialist, up to companies choosing to outsource parts of their business to offshore or near shore contractors. Outsourcing is a ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Business, Outsourcing
3 Reasons Outsourcing Makes Sense For Your Small Business
If you’re new to the small business game, chances are you’re learning as you go. Most small businesses aren’t in a financially stable place and able to hire consultants to point them in the right direction. You’ve probably done a ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Business, Outsourcing
Can A Call Centre Save Silkworms?
The call came from Hong Kong (2 PM) where an irate customer was waiting for an emergency drop-shipment of silk from the factory in Ningbo, China (also 2 PM), but they had no answers; it was just the production site. “Call Logistics,” they said. ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Business, Outsourcing
4 Types Of Security Options For Your Business Location
Security for your business is very important. You want to make sure that you are looking into these options for security and that you are keeping your business safe and secure. This is a great thing and will really help you have a business that is safe and ...
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Posted by Victoria Trix in Business, Outsourcing
5 Benefits to Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company
Are you tired of cleaning your house, business, car, or anything for that matter? You don’t have to. There are actually some great benefits that you can get out of hiring a commercial cleaning company that you should look into. By doing this, you ...
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Posted by Victoria Trix in Business, Outsourcing
Software Outsourcing Increases Business Focus
More and more companies around the globe are getting on board the software outsourcing trend. This process lets business owners focus their efforts and knowledge on areas that require their specialized skills. It allows an increased business focus for most ...
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Posted by Jovy Khan in Business, Outsourcing