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Coin Collecting Books Are Ideal For That Mint Collector In The Family
Coin collection is not a new hobby. The earliest evidence is from the Roman era. Many historians believe that Roman Emperor Augusta collected precious coins and gave them away as gifts. The hobby has evolved over the years. Men and women of all ages take up ...
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Have Fun And Learn History While Collecting Coins
Coin collecting has long been a favorite hobby of many people, as far back as money goes. A lot of people have special curios and shelves dedicated just to their collectible currency keepsakes, collections that can run the gamut from just a few hundred ...
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The Eisenhower Silver Dollar: A Piece Of American History
One of the great traditions of America to memorize historical figures or times in its history is to immortalize them by printing their image on money. Often these historical figures are printed on a special limited edition bill or coin. These limited edition ...
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