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AALA Acquires Domain Name from
Leading textile provider purchasesaala.comto expand their global reach MUMBAI, India - May 24, 2018 –AALA, a fabric retailer, manufacturer and wholesaler, announced it has acquired the domain name from MAC for $7,500. The company previously ...
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Posted by Ronei daselva in Beauty, Cosmetics
face peel
My name is Julie Robins and for years I have been treating my clients using the newest techniques and concepts of Rapid Exfoliation and Protein Infusion to not only reverse the signs of aging dramatically, but to almost stop the destruction of good skin ...
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Posted by Thomas Shaw in Beauty, Skin Care
AALA Expands Its Embroidered and Fancy Fabrics with Thousands of New Products
Leading textile provider adds a wide range of new products to their existing offerings MUMBAI, India - Fabric retailer, manufacturer and wholesaler AALA, has expanded its textile offerings with numerous products and new categories, providing thousands of ...
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Posted by Ronei daselva in Beauty, Cosmetics
Nails – Nagelstudio Online Shop und Trends. Seit Menschengedenken gelten gepflegte Hände und Nägel als Schönheits- und Statussymbol. – Früher waren gepflegte und gestylte Nails ein Privileg, so dass sich nur die Oberklasse leisten konnte sich ...
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Posted by Thomas Shaw in Beauty, Nails
Some Very simple Acne Treatment Suggestions
Most women devote a huge selection of dollars on high priced ointments and beauty salon treatments and are still left with unsatisfactory benefits when you will discover easy procedures 1 can do in the comfort of their very own household to make sure their ...
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Posted by Thomas Shaw in Beauty, Skin Care
Everydaywigs Offers Human Hair Wigs In Varied Styles, Colors and Sizes
(February 2, 2018) -Human hair wigsare made of real humanl hair and those who are looking forward for fulfilling fashion goals by sporting wigs must find a reliable wig selling store. Wigs offered by the reputed e-store Everydaywigs look just like real hair ...
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Posted by Sumanta Dutta in Beauty, Hair
Five Amazing Positive aspects of Henna for Hair
Because time immemorial, henna is traditionally being deemed as the very best organic remedy to handle problematic hair. Becoming a all-natural herbal powder, it has tremendous hair healing properties. Here are five great rewards of henna for hair. Treats ...
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Posted by Kyle Crum in Beauty, Cosmetics
The Best 3D Nails Art Designs To Watch Out For
The culture of nail art has significantly grown nowadays with many women looking to explore new and stylish nail art designs. One of the latest trends in nail art is the use of 3D nails. This kind of art is rather easy to apply and could give the best results ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
How To Enjoy Stability With Nail Wraps
Is your most treasured event approaching and you are not sure regarding the kind of nail art to consider? Well, with nail wraps, there is no reason to stress yourself anymore. These are thin vinyl sheets, which are usually activated via pressure and heat to ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
Secrets To A Durable Nail Beauty Manicure
Looking to enhance your looks through nail beauty manicure? Well, with the introduction of various types of nail manicures, there is a reason for you to smile. Some of the commonly considered types of manicures include the French manicure, Basic Manicure, ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
Acquainting Yourself With Gel Manicures
One needs to get enough information before settling for gel manicures and pedicures and specifically the nail art gel. As compared to glitter nails polish, a gel nail polish is an advantage because it helps a great deal in putting back to shape the chipped ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
Color Changing Nail Polish - What You Need To Know
Women love the elegant look that is interesting as well as fashionable. It has therefore been one of their duties to make themselves prettier by boosting the natural beauty using a nail polish that is capable of changing its color depending on the ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
Creating A Glitter Gradient Nail Effect - What You Need To Do
The glossy finish in most nail polishes is something that every fashionable woman wants. The glitter gradient, also known as ombre nails, is the style whereby the lighter color towards the top of the nail is made to marry with color of a darker shade towards ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
Holographic Nail Polish - Breaking Down What You Need To Know
Holographic nail polish first came to the limelight after Gigi Hadid was spotted having it on. Ever since then, this type took the internet by storm and the fashion conscious ladies rushed to grab the latest fashionable trend. It is clear that when one uses ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails
How To Make Your Matte Nail Polish
A good percentage of nail polishes available in beauty stores and salons tend to give the nails a glossy look after a top coat has been applied contrary to what matte nail polish do. Matte nail polish is a type that does not have that glossy finish and is ...
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Posted by James in Beauty, Nails