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Applications Of CCD Automatic Visual Inspection Machines And Automated optical inspection (AOI) Machines For Assembly Automation Industries
Sipotek CCD visual inspection machine application for exterior inspection, defect inspection, size inspection, scratch inspection, glitch inspection. Sipotek CCD visual inspection machine use for electronic Components, Precision hardware, Stamping plastic, ...
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Posted by Sipotek China in Technology, Office Automation
Sipotek Technology Introduces Automated Optical Inspection Machine To Quickly Find Out Missing Components Of A Printed Circuit Board
The Company’s Automated Optical Inspection Machine automatically scans a device to check if any component is missing and helps avoid the catastrophic failure of the device. An automated visual inspection of printed circuit boards may reveal its flaws ...
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Posted by Sipotek China in Technology, Office Automation
How Securing Entrances Can Protect Your Business
Securing entrances of any business is very important. By securing an entrance you prevent half the security issues from arising itself. You can prevent any undesired person from entering the premises of your business. It can even help in preventing any item ...
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Posted by Robert Fogarty in Technology, Office Automation